Meet the DifferenceMakers

  • Ayah Awadallah

    Ayah Awadallah

    English, Journalism and Professional Writing; minor in Graphic Design

    Ayah Awadallah is starting an online magazine for young American Muslim women caught between American culture and the tenets of their faith.

  • KEnDERS Body Armor

    KEnDERS Body Armor


    KEnDERS Body Armor is a new design for sports equipment using shear-thickening fluids.

  • Mayday 



    Mayday upon activation can reach all emergency contacts in just a tap.

  • Nonspec 



    Nonspec participated in the first annual DifferenceMaker Idea Challenge where they received the prestigious title of “The Campus Wide DifferenceMaker” and the top award of $5,000.

  • Healthy Habits

    Healthy Habits


    At the DifferenceMaker Idea Challenge, Healthy Habits won first place in the category “Significant Social Impact,” and was awarded $3,500 to further implement their idea.

  • NerdOnyx 



    NerdOnyx is a web-based learning tool that will provide articles, videos and other resources to enhance the learning of engineering students and help bridge the gap between the classroom and the industry.

  • BioBubbler 



    The BioBubbler is made from indigenous material and does not require chemicals or electricity to use. It is a slow sand filtration system that eliminates bacteria in water by absorption, predation, natural death and oxygen depletion.

  • Grab a Bite 

    Grab a Bite 


    Grab a Bite received "Fan Favorite" at the Inaugural DifferenceMaker Idea Challenge, pushing them to the final round where they won the title “First to Market” and were awarded $3,500 by the panel of judges.

  • Low Income Community Homework Center 

    Low Income Community Homework Center 


    Low Income Community Homework Center plans to improve test scores and the graduation rate of high school students.

  • Fresh Beets

    Fresh Beets


    Fresh Beets is a food truck and music venue based out of Lowell, Ma. that unites food, music, education, and revelry into one vehicle of change.

  • Rajia Abdelaziz

    Rajia Abdelaziz

    Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

    Rajia Abdelaziz wants to run her own smart jewelry company – a goal that’s well within reach thanks to a research co-op and involvement with the Society of Women Engineers.

  • Love of the Game

    Love of the Game


    Love of the Game will unite universities and people with physical and cognitive disabilities through sports.

  • Masela Dentures

    Masela Dentures


    Masela Dentures creates a low cost alternative to expensive dentures.

  • Lowell Sprouts

    Lowell Sprouts


    Lowell Sprouts is an organization that utilizes school gardens as a way to educate middle school children about the importance of sustainable, organic agriculture. Lowell Sprouts entered the DifferenceMaker Idea Challenge and won first place in the “Sustainable Environment” category, a $3,500 award.

  • Hydraulic Walker

    Hydraulic Walker


    The Hydraulic Walker utilizes hydraulics, allowing for the legs to be quickly adjusted, so that it can be used on stairs.

  • OTTOnomous Technology

    OTTOnomous Technology


    OTTOnomous Technology is a novel solution for replacing camshafts in car engines with electro-mechanical actuators.

  • Robotic Feeding Arm

    Robotic Feeding Arm


    After a three minute rocket pitch to a panel of alumni judges Philip Colangelo's Robotic Feeding Arm was awarded first place in the “Innovative Technology” category, $3,500 award.

  • Treehouse 



    A website and phone application that connects people with plans, events and small businesses nearby.

  • TermaGreen 



    TermaGreen is a thermodynamic generator that captures heat and converts it into energy that can be reused.

  • Word Builder

    Word Builder


    Word Builder is a fun toy that helps build a reading foundation for children.

  • Buddies Without Borders 

    Buddies Without Borders 


    Buddies Without Borders aims to bridge the gap between domestic students and international students.

  • ZHUUM 



    ZHUUM is a mobile application platform aimed at helping owners across the food service industry drive out inefficiencies and reduce wait times.

  • Support Our Students

    Support Our Students


    Support our Students (SOS) is a nonprofit organization that addresses the issue of hunger in the UMass Lowell community.

  • PointStick 



    In the finals of the Idea Challenge the judges awarded PointStick, a product that gives tactile and kinesthetic feedback to patients for both correct spinal alignment and breathing mechanics, second place in the “First to Market” award category.

  • Playable Therapy

    Playable Therapy


    Playable Therapy connects video games and physical therapy.

  • Indoor Hydroponic System

    Indoor Hydroponic System


    Indoor Hydroponic System ensures an optimal environment for plants.

  • Solar Electric Vehicles

    Solar Electric Vehicles


    Solar Electric Vehicles allow people to travel by the energy of the sun.