EV SmarT , DifferenceMakers

Holly Butler (left) poses with an EV SmarT team member (right) who is holding their Honorable Mention award

Connectedness and efficiency, all for a brighter and more sustainable future, that is the mission of EV Smart.

Omkar Bhandakkar, a graduated energy engineer, Hamza Ehsan, a Junior in computer engineering, and Rajvi Shah, a senior in computer science are working to strengthen and connect the electric vehicle community. The team wants to create a charge sharing platform, where EV users can open up their home charging stations to other users, extending their ride times past what they are able to obtain today. With the scarcity of charging locations, it is hard for EV users to go on longer trips if they wish to do so. EV smart hopes that with their connected user-interface they can have other drivers help each other and make some passive income in the process.

EV Smart were one of the winners of the Honorable Mention prize at the 2019 Idea Challenge, and with their awarded $2,000 they wish to further their application and design process. They wish to foster a deeper appreciation in users for a vehicle-2-vehicle communication system and deepen the connection between members of this widening community.