Masela Dentures, DifferenceMakers

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Our 3D printed dentures will be more affordable than anything else on the market.

They won First Place in the Innovative Technology Solution Category and were awarded $4,000. Team members include Cormac Hondros-McCarthy and Casey McRae who are both seniors studying Plastics Engineering. This team applied to the Engineering Prototyping Competition in the fall of 2014 and won Third Place which was a $500 award. They have been working closely with their engineering advisor Dr. Stephen McCarthy throughout these competitions. 
Their project aims to develop a fully 3D printable denture system as an alternative solution to expensive dentures manufactured using traditional casting and milling methods. Some problems associated with the high price of current denture models include lead time, cost of materials, and the wages of highly skilled technicians. 3D printed dentures will solve these problems by increasing automation, lowering manufacturing times, decreasing the number of skilled technicians, and lowering the cost of materials. This is done while maintaining high-tolerance manufacturing, custom made designs and similar safety and efficacy to existing denture products.