USe Cart , DifferenceMakers

 Use Cart team members Max Ushakov, Moya Alhayek and Daniel Falcone present at the DifferenceMaker Idea Challenge

Let’s make shopping enjoyable again.

USe Cart, winners of the 2019 Rist Innovative Technology prize, have derived a solution to the 77% of customers who report long lines at grocery stores. Max Ushakov, a graduate of electrical engineering, Moya Alhayek, a junior in electrical engineering, Shanice Kelly, a junior in Mechanical Engineering, and Daniel Falcone, a senior in business have created a smart shopping cart that will revolutionize the way we shop.

This future shopping cart makes shopping faster, and easier for customers, pushing self-checkout to a new level. The smart shopping cart will create a better experience of doing your groceries, and it will reduce the time that you spend in a store. USe Cart’s technology inside will help a customer to navigate through the aisles and have a shopping list on a screen connected to their accounts.