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Thank you for building me a hand.

eNABLE Lowell was awarded Campus-Wide DifferenceMaker and $6,000 in the 2016 Idea Challenge. This team participated in all four DifferenceMaker workshops and signed up for multiple rocket pitch coaching sessions. eNABLE worked diligently over several months to further their idea and refine it. Team Members include Peter Larsen '16 ( Biology), Katherine Bilodeau '16 (Exercise Physiology), Allison Dunbar '17 (Exercise Physiology), Kreg Kaminski '16 (Biology), Craig Kelly '18 (Mechanical Engineering), Shannon Maguire '18 (Business Administration) and Alexander Peters '16 (Mechanical Engineering). 

eNABLE is an international organization that makes 3D printed prosthetic hands for children in need. eNABLE Lowell serves as a local chapter for the area. 3D printing technology offers the opportunity to create prosthetic devices that are functional, affordable and customized to the patient. By offering an affordable option, children can learn and grow while using a prosthetic device, making the transition to a conventional device in adolescence more likely. eNABLE already built and delivered a 3D hand to help a child in need. This child made the team a heart-felt thank you video which truly demonstrates the positive impact of this project. This team was able to create a partnership with the Makerspace on campus and also held a successful fundraising campaign through Facebook. If you want to get involved, please contact Peter_Larson@student.uml.edu or Craig_Kelly@student.uml.edu.

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