DifferenceMaker would love the opportunity to present to your class to raise awareness about the resources DifferenceMaker has to offer (e.g., building skills, resume builder, funding, networking, mentorship). We offer several options. Please choose the one that works best for you and your class.

Note: Within the scheduling website, please don't select (i), the information icon, this provides information about service and not for scheduling a DifferenceMaker class visit.

What would you like to do?

Schedule a brief overview (in person or via Zoom)

This takes 10 to 15 minutes during which a DifferenceMaker staff member presents DifferenceMaker and exciting upcoming events and opportunities with time for Question and Answers (Q&A).

Schedule an in-person Ideation Activity

This can take anywhere from 50 to 75 minutes during which a DifferenceMaker staff member facilitates an interactive activity with students to brainstorm problems and solutions using LEGOs and/or Tinker Toys.

Show a pre-recorded video

This takes 10 minutes where you show your class the video at your convenience and/or upload to Blackboard. The video provides an overview of DifferenceMaker and upcoming events.

LinkTree allows sharing of multiple social media and other items in one link. Add a link in your class Blackboard / Anthology online class, syllabus or other methods used to communicate with your students - providing them an easy way to keep up with DifferenceMaker, our events, and competitions throughout the semester.

Schedule a Custom Presentation (in person or via Zoom)

Email: David_Vatalaro@uml.edu with your class title, course number, time, preferred visit date, number of students in your class, building name and room number and he will contact you to evaluate your needs and determine an appropriate class visit.

Still not seeing what you want?

Email: David_Vatalaro@uml.edu 
if you have any additional questions, are requesting a class visit outside times available in the scheduling tool, or want to schedule multiple class visits in a row.