MissionHydro , DifferenceMakers

Sarvesh Handa standing with his project's prototype and idea plan model.

An innovative way to harness and use hydrogen energy.

Although the benefits of hydrogen energy are sustainable and efficient, it is hard to store and continues to be a growing problem in modern day. The team, consisting of Aadith Arasu from physics, Ryan Beishline from mechanical engineering, Sarvesh Handa from electrical engineering, and Ali Semerci from mechanical engineering, have begun refining and revolutionizing the hydrogen energy process. With the innovation of a new energy storage system consisting of eco-friendly components, their product will have the ability for modern households to store hydrogen energy for re-use at a later time.

The Commitment to a Sustainable Environment ($4,000) prize was awarded to team MissionHydro at the 2020 Idea Challenge. With their funding, the team will conduct additional research and begin developing a prototype.