Playable Therapy, DifferenceMakers

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Our platform will help both PTs and patients.

This team won First Place in the Contribution to a Healthier Lifestyle category and was awarded $4,000. This team includes Suhaib Alfageeh (Junior, Computer Science), Lucas Brown (Junior, English and Math), Chelsea Hayes (Junior, Business), Damir Ismagilove, (Junior, Math), Anthony Pitaro (Senior, Exercise Physiology), and Mark Mcgrotty (Junior, Computer Science).
This project's goal is to create a platform of exercises and games that, with the Microsoft Kinect, will allow for motion tracking of a physical therapy (PT) patient during their exercise routine at home. The platform will also be able to record and send the data securely to the physical therapist allowing them to correct form, record and show progress, and see how well their patient is adhering to the program. This project aims to provide patients with an in-home resource that, until now, has been dominated by printed 2D images. By doing this, they will create an interactive experience with greater and faster feedback that works to compliment the patients’ in-office PT appointments. In particular, this helps to alleviate doubt within a patient, reassuring them that they’re completing their exercises correctly.