Innovation , DifferenceMakers

Team Innovation holding the 2023 UKG Significant Social Impact Award with Brian Rist.

Innovation is developing an interactive educational experience that introduces you to some of the most famous minority inventions and inventors.

Significant Social Impact Award at the 11th Annual DifferenceMaker $50,000 Idea Challenge

Team Innovation participated in the 11th Annual $50,000 Idea Challenge. Physics major, Julie Sage and Computer Science Major, Andrew Theobald, noticed the lack of information and representation regarding minority inventors. Their idea was to create an interactive educational experience to introduce children and adults to the history of some of the most famous inventions and their inventors. The user builds kits of an invention from a historic inventor while simultaneously learning STEAM concepts, the inventor/inventors, and the history behind it. Once built, the prototype would serve as either a functional or decorative item. These kits would be sold as monthly subscriptions or as a single purchase both online and in stores.

During their pitch at the $50,000 Idea Challenge, Julie and Andrew presented information showing that there is a lack of knowledge revolving around minority inventors. Their goal was to bridge the gap and to educate both children and adults on these less noticed historic yet highly important inventors. They have begun producing prototypes of the kits by using a 3D printer and have an idea for many of the first kits they plan to create. Team innovation won the Significant Social Impact Award (sponsored by UKG) for $4,000. With this funding, they plan to purchase more materials to create the kits and solidify their market segment while continuing to pursue the idea further.