Mayday , DifferenceMakers

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Mayday will give people a piece of mind.

This team won First Place in the First to Market category and was awarded $4,000. Team members include Alessandro Agnello (PhD, Computer Science) and Cibhi SelVan (Graduate, MBA). This team also won First Place in the Creative Venture Competition in fall 2014 that was hosted by the College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Glenn Morgan, a distinguished alumni, and the DifferenceMaker Program. A total of $5,750 was awarded to Mayday at the Creative Venture Competition. In addition, they applied to the Engineering Prototyping Competition in Fall 2014 and won the Honorable Mention award of $250.
This project aims to develop a wearable device connected via Bluetooth technology to a mobile phone, that, when activated, sends emergency alert signals to a list of emergency contacts. This device can be used by anyone in an emergency situation. It is estimated that one out of thirty Americans are a victim of some kind of a criminal activity. The team is also exploring the possibility of activating this function without the external device, only using easily accessible, existing buttons on the mobile phone itself.