Expect , DifferenceMakers


Because of DifferenceMaker I was able to connect with students of other majors to help further my project.

Expect won the fan favorite award, a $1,000 prize at the 2016 Idea Challenge. Team members include David Machado '16 (Computer Science), Emily O’Brien '16 (Nursing) and Amanda Reardon '16 (Nursing). 

Expect is an application that facilitates communication between referring facilities/emergency medical services and accepting inpatient/emergency units. Incomplete data and lack of information/knowledge is common when units are admitting patients from outside facilities and/or emergency medical services. This prevents the accepting unit from the ability to properly prepare for the incoming client and can lead to inadequate care. This application will provide those referring the patient with fields to populate regarding the patient's demographics and reasons for admission. It will also give them the ability to send images of the injury or diagnosis to the unit if needed. This new form of communication will allow units to mobilize the necessary personnel, prepare the treatment area, and obtain needed supplies in order to meet the patient's care needs. As a result, accepting units will be adequately prepared for incoming clients. Expect plans to use their funds to build the product.