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One of the members StockToMe team holding a microphone and speaking in front of blue UMass Lowell backdrop while two other members look on.

StockToMe gives people confidence when managing and investing their money.

2022 Honorable Mention

Obtaining stock information can be confusing and time-consuming, as well as expensive. With StockToMe, consumers can feel more confident about managing their money and receiving reliable data that were created from preliminary surveys, timing, and factual evidence. The COVID-19 pandemic has motivated people to save more and invest more in the stock market, especially in the younger generations as the number of people involved in the stock market is growing. The team saw their idea as an opportunity to allow any person to gain reliable stock information in a new and innovative way. Team StockToMe is made up of sophomore business students, Matthew Kinash, Jackson Sterrett, and Matthew Allen.

StockToMe is the first stock opinion community, where anybody can post an opinion about a stock. Through these opinions, StockToMe develops a set of metrics that help distinguish successful opinion-makers from the rest. The team was awarded the 2022 Honorable Mention award, where they received $2000 that will help further their idea. With the funding, StockToMe plans to hire a marketing team, upgrade their servers, work towards a patent, and buy API for exact stock prices and changes. Additionally, StockToMe won 1st Place and $1,800 at the 2021 DifferenceMaker DCU/Manning Innovation Contest which allowed them to advance directly into the 2022 DifferenceMaker Preliminary Pitch-off.