Wonder Wheel, DifferenceMakers

Prototype of Wonder Wheel.

Wonder Wheel is a novel device that will aid wheel chair users.

Jack M. Wilson First to Market Award

“Wonder Wheel is a novel device that will aid wheel chair users.”

Among wheelchair users, not all have compartmentalized and synchronous needs. Some may be able to propel forward small distances and then need further assistance, while others may be fully autonomous in their use. One problem remains the same, current offerings for wheelchair power devices as well as assist technology are prohibitively expensive, providing a solution for only those who can pay large amounts for it. This interdisciplinary team consists of, Rasha Ghazal, a senior in biomedical engineering, Alexander Hoefer, a senior in electrical engineering, Khang Nguyen, a junior in mechanical engineering, and Sanskriti Sharma, a senior in computer engineering and their wish is to exceed the abilities of current products while reducing costs significantly.

For the low cost of $1,000 or less, their product would match all the specifications of existing products and solve needs for the user but at a much more affordable price point. This would also give users the ability to use the product outside of their home, whereas most insurance plans only cover in-home necessities. With the Jack M. Wilson First to Market award (sponsored by Jack Wilson, President Emeritus), Wonder Wheel’s $4,000 prize will go toward a prototype that can be refined during the teams testing phase. Additionally, the refined prototype can be demonstrated to surveyed communities to provide proof of their concept and generate further interest in their solutions.