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Tatiana Tompkins, Conrad Nelson and Jenna Olander hold their Honorable Mention award for Protected Pin at DifferenceMaker

Our mission is to better protect all bankers by eliminating 100% of ATM card theft while also adding major convenience to their trip.

Every year, millions of dollars are lost to ATM fraud and PIN hacking. These cases are hard to track, and many people and their banks lose money at alarming rates due to these activities. That’s why Tatiana Tompkins, a sophomore in business, Conrad Nelson, a junior in chemical engineering, Jenna Olander, a senior art major, and Mohammad Musawer, a freshman in computer engineering have come up with a solution. Protected Pin is a software that randomly generates a new user PIN each time the banking app is accessed. When the user goes to an ATM or store, they use their randomly generated PIN which creates safety and security for each user.

Winners of one of the Honorable Mention prizes ($2,000) Protected Pin’s next steps involve getting in touch with banks to implement their software and develop their code further. All this will help them to protect their user’s information with an easily accessible and undaunting process. The minor integration software will be relatively seamless, but will eradicate hopefully all skimming activity across the country.