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TermGreen will help sustain the environment long-term.

TermaGreen is a waste heat recovery solutions company that has reinvented the heat recovery mechanism known as the organic ranking cycle. TermaGreen found a problem that has plagued industries for years and turned it into an opportunity. With TermaGreen's applications, companies will be able to convert residual waste heat into usable electricity. TermaGreen has constructed their machine to make a significant difference in the operations of this process. The technology creates high quality, efficient and reliable waste heat power generation solutions without leaving an environmental footprint.

The team is composed of Gregory Bohenko '15 and Aaron Stafford '15, business majors, and Alexander Martinez '18 who is studying business, economics and mathematics. They are advised by a molecular biologist regarding the details of the science. With a testing facility in Providence, R.I., the team is continuously modifying their prototype while collecting necessary data to back their claims in front of clients and serve as a projection tool for how their product can make a difference in a company’s bottom line -- while helping to sustain the environment.

TermaGreen competed in the 2014 DifferenceMaker Idea Challenge, where they received first place in the “Contribution to a Sustainable Environment” category along with a $4,000 prize. They are currently seeking additional funding to conduct feasibility studies for prospective clients and their facilities.