AFED: Autonomous Foot Exercising Device , DifferenceMakers

AFED was the recipient of the $2,000 Honorable Mention prize at the 2020 Idea Challenge for their solution to solve foot aches and pains. The problem they found was that people with foot complications also can suffer from inflammation and other related health conditions. Biomedical engineering majors Edwind Medina, Kamal Ray, Catia Goncalves Rodrigues, and Kazi Proma created an efficient and cost-effective solution.

Their solution is an autonomous shoe exercising insole that strengthens the foot arc and improves overall body posture and structure. With this device, the team hopes to solve a pain that many people suffer from and provide an affordable, long-lasting form of relief. AFED also won $5,000 of in-kind legal services from DifferenceMaker Idea Challenge sponsors: Foley & Lardner, LLP and Christopher McKenna, Partner and IP Lawyer, Foley and Lardner, LLP and ’89 alumni from the Francis College of Engineering. Team AFED finished the DifferenceMaker summer Boot Camp and will continue their research and product development.