ECG For Me , DifferenceMakers

Rachel Harrington, Taylor Mellen, and William Bizilj present ECG For Me on stage

Putting the confidence and safety back into sports and activity, that is what ECG For Me stands for.

Winners of the Contribution to a Healthier Lifestyle Award for $4,500 (Sponsored by Circle Health), ECG For Me is dedicated to stopping the harsh and fatal effects of an unexpected cardiac event. They wished to develop a way to manage and prevent a cardiac event, and in developing their product have done just that. They have developed an integration software for a wearable device that detects a surplus of underlying heart conditions before they are expected to occur.

Rachel Harrington, Taylor Mellen, and William Bizilj, three graduates of Biotechnology, have Designed wireless electrocardiopatches that work with the Apple Series 4 watch to display an ECG capable of detecting underlying heart conditions. This software will automatically display and warn the user that they need to take a break from their physical activity or find medical attention promptly. ECG For Me is crafting a better lifestyle for active people and lessening the anxiety of parents and coaches on their players and children.