Low Income Community Homework Center , DifferenceMakers

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We grew up in Lawrence and know the hardships. We want to make a difference to those struggling high school students.

This team won the Honorable Mention award of $1,500. Team members include brothers Arnaldo and Hector Rivera who are both seniors studying Psychology.
Their goal is to open a homework center in a poverty stricken town/city such as Lawrence, Massachusetts. The team members, who are twins, grew up in Lawrence and experienced the same struggles that many students in Lawrence do. The city of Lawrence is infamous for its low academic performance, low test scores, and low graduation rate.  The team wants to help high school students with homework and other school related matters to help them get better grades and graduation from high school. The goal is to promote a positive and encouraging working environment where mentors and tutors can push students to graduate high school and continue on with their education by going to college; something that is rare in Lawrence residents. The Rivera’s ultimate mission is to increase the graduation rate while lowering the dropout rate in high school students. They have already partnered with Lawrence High and are also talking with other various organizations around the area.