JamFuze , DifferenceMakers

Stephen Wahome presents JamFuze onstage at DifferenceMaker

At JamFuze, we eliminate the cost associated with finding an artist or producer, focusing funds on venues, beats, and lyrical potential.

The world is full of creativity and innovation and differentiating yourself in this world is tough. The music world is full of sound and potential, and a parallel difficulty persists. Being seen in the music community is one of the toughest things to do, and the slightest details or the most intricate ideas can turn a local performer into one of the world’s top shelf musicians. JamFuze, started by Michael Adrien, a senior sound recording technician, Nicholas Bedard, an alumnus of the business school, Christopher Sinclair, a junior in business administration, and Stephen Wahome, an alumnus with a master’s in business administration, are working to help artists make it to the next level.

JamFuze is a tool that helps both artists and producers to find each other and become more connected for potential success. Artists can find and book shows, while producers can fill and manage venues. Musicians can post and share their music, while record labels can listen and sign artists. JamFuze is the ultimate connection tool for the future of differentiation in the music world. For their unbelievably innovative and cost cutting methodology, JamFuze received the Jack M. Wilson First Product to Market Award (Sponsored by Jack Wilson, President of Emeritus), a prize of $4,500!