Project Starfish , DifferenceMakers

3 students receiving Project Starfish

DifferenceMaker has so many resources available to students which has really helped our project.

Project Starfish won the Innovative Technology Solution Category, a $4,500 prize, at the 2017 5th Annual DifferenceMaker $50K Idea Challenge. In addition, they won 1st place, a $1,000 prize at the Engineering Prototyping Competition in December 2017. The team includes Roma Aurora (Junior, Marketing), Gregory Dorian (Junior, Mechanical Engineering), Christopher Johnson (Junior, Accounting), Travis Kessler (Junior, Computer Engineering), and Maxwell Roy (Junior, Electrical Engineering).

Project Starfish is an effective, non-invasive, and cost-effective prosthetic hand for people with disabilities. Project Starfish helps to improve the rates of abandonment for prosthetics, as well as removing the need for surgery, which includes the time for recovery and acclimation. By using a combination of cutting-edge technologies, such as 3-D printing and advanced machine learning software, Project Starfish plans to improve modern prosthetics as well as keeping the price affordable to all of those who need them. Project Starfish’s initiative is to bring these improvements to life through the product, a prosthetic hand, which will emphasize the effectiveness and affordability of a non-invasive and personalized model.