VotED , DifferenceMakers

Gillian Inglis presents VotED onstage at DifferenceMaker

Just as it is our right to vote, it is our right to know where, how and most importantly, who we are voting for!

The members of VotED, Michael Dignan, a sophomore in business, and Gillian Inglis and Olivia Reposa, seniors in business, have recognized the inability for the average person to obtain knowledge on candidates in upcoming elections. Whether it be a town-wide vote, or the presidential election, news and media fails to cover the entire scope and give an unbiased view on all candidates for any upcoming election. VotED works to put the knowledge back into the user’s hands and create a platform that gives all of the information necessary on upcoming candidates and elections.

Winners of the $4,500 prize for having a Significant Social Impact, VotED is creating a more knowledgeable world where users can obtain important information on one of their most important abilities, the right to vote. VotED is also a team made up of Middlesex Community College students through the DifferenceMaker/MCC Partnership. This is our second year partnering with MCC. MCC does a competition in the fall, and their top winner gets to move on to our Preliminary Pitch-off (April 10). From there, VotED was chosen to move into the final Idea Challenge where they obtained yet another award!