Happy Pinning , DifferenceMakers

Happyben Patel, sharing her idea during one of DifferenceMaker's workshop series.

Happing Pinning is an effective, effortless device that clips clothing together.

Happy Pinning is a team that encountered a problem first-hand with traditional Indian clothing. Women in India have a difficult time clipping together their traditional clothes, such as sarees. Because of this, time is wasted, and fingers are injured by getting poked with sharp pins and needles. Through their research they found that this is a problem that most Indian women face on a daily basis. So, Happy Pinning decided to devise a simple and effective solution. The solution is a quick, easy, and effortless device that clips Indian clothing together more efficiently and safely. This device can also be used on other clothing and garments.

After receiving the $2,000 Honorable Mention prize from the 2020 Idea Challenge, Ankit Patel, a finance and marketing major, Happyben Patel, an MBA student, Fenil Patel, a mechanical engineering student, and Kevin Zhang, a computer science major, have the ability to move their product into the prototyping stage. During the DifferenceMaker summer Boot Camp, the team conducted customer interviews and found that seamstresses and bridal shops are also interested in their device. The team will continue to move their idea forward.