Security Top , DifferenceMakers


Our goal is to protect people from contaminated drinks.

Security Top won Honorable Mention, a $2,000 prize at the 2016 Idea Challenge. Team members include Cleveland Atkinson '16 (Plastics Engineering), Joshua Desrochers '17 (Plastics Engineering), Travis Goodrum '17 (Plastics Engineering), Tabatha Ferreira '17 (Plastics Engineering), Craig Frigon '17 (Plastics Engineering), Malinna Pheng '17 (Plastics Engineering) and Andy Polanco '16 (Plastics Engineering). 

Security Top is a reusable bottle cap designed for the purpose of increasing the prevention of contaminates entering a bottled beverage. This idea started out as an engineering capstone project when the team noticed an increasing problem, the number of sexual assaults rise each year with 25% being caused by spiked beverages. The team began developing a solution to this problem through research and surveying potential customers.