OTDSEES , DifferenceMakers

Ian Ramsdell and Dan Houlihan hold their Honorable Mention award for Over Terrain Tactical Scuba Personnel Delivery Service (OTDSEES) at DifferenceMaker

Disabling disability and creating access for all!

Over Terrain Tactical Scuba Personnel Delivery Service (OTDSEES) is a team consisting of Ian Ramsdell, a senior business major, and Dan Houlihan, an occupational therapist and scuba instructor. Together they have crafted a solution to New England’s unforgiving terrain, and the inability for seasoned divers to access their favorite dive sites. They are allowing disabled scuba divers to enjoy a sport that they love as well, introducing them to a free environment rid of drawbacks and physical hurdles. For many veterans known by the team, carrying gear over land is a daunting and improbable barrier to participation.

OTDSEES received the Honorable Mention prize of $2,000 for their product. The team created a device that would either assist by moving the diver’s gear for them, or even moving the diver themselves into the dive spot that they need to reach. OTDSEES is challenging the way we see difficult terrain and putting the ability to get to wherever you need to be back into the user’s life.