• Ambulatory Innovations

    Ambulatory Innovations brings the outdoors in, with a mat that will allow physical therapists to treat their patients’ deficits throughout the body, from the musculoskeletal system to sensory systems.

  • Treehouse

    A website and phone application that connects people with plans, events and small businesses nearby.

  • Word Builder

    Word Builder is a fun toy that helps build a reading foundation for children.

  • Iron Legion

    Iron Legion, the 2018 Campus-wide DifferenceMaker, is a team aiming to expand the effective use of drone technology in emergency response, particularly with police departments.

  • TermaGreen

    TermaGreen is a thermodynamic generator that captures heat and converts it into energy that can be reused.

  • Nicole Resendes
    Marketing and Management

    A social media marketing co-op at financial firm MFS taught Nicole Resendes what goes into running corporate accounts.

  • Support Our Students

    Support our Students (SOS) is a nonprofit organization that addresses the issue of hunger in the UMass Lowell community.

  • Healthy Habits

    At the DifferenceMaker Idea Challenge, Healthy Habits won first place in the category “Significant Social Impact,” and was awarded $3,500 to further implement their idea.

  • DifferenceMakers

    AFED solves foot pain while also correcting posture.

  • Bar Scene

    Bar Scene is a mobile app that serves as a one stop shop for all things night-life and entertainment.

  • ThermoEXA

    ThermoEXA reduces energy costs and is aiding the environment.

  • Cleidir Mendes

    A series of mentors helped Cleidir Mendes thrive at UML — and land a job at Fidelity Investments.

  • T.A.P.

    Teach A Pal, otherwise known as T.A.P., is a team dedicated to helping student success through peer involvement.

  • Spread the Love

    Spread the Love is an online platform that would consist of personalized lesson plans for struggling schools that cannot afford the resources that they need.

  • EV SmarT

    EV SmarT wants to create a charge sharing platform, where electric vehicle users can open up their home charging stations to other users, extending their ride times past what they are able to obtain today.

  • YPG

    YPG will aid the COVID-19 pandemic, while also helping the environment.

  • Playable Therapy

    Playable Therapy connects video games and physical therapy.

  • Digital Life, Significant Social Impact

    The goal of Digital Life is to develop an affordable solution for those in need.

  • Cyborg

    Cyborg is a hybrid, cost effective, musical instrument, which has the ability to transform any object into a touch sensitive musical instrument.

  • VotED

    VotED works to put the knowledge back into the user’s hands and create a platform that gives all of the information necessary on upcoming candidates and elections.

  • Low Income Community Homework Center

    Low Income Community Homework Center plans to improve test scores and the graduation rate of high school students.

  • KEnDERS Body Armor

    KEnDERS Body Armor is a new design for sports equipment using shear-thickening fluids.

  • Indoor Hydroponic System

    Indoor Hydroponic System ensures an optimal environment for plants.

  • Jeurys Santiago

    Jeurys Santiago credits his entrepreneurship classes and experiences with helping him launch his networking and marketing company, Minds With Purpose.

  • Bio-Printing with Multimedia Curriculum

    Bio-Printing with Multimedia Curriculum is a cost effective 3D bio-printer for comprehensive and effective use in teaching the emerging science of 3D bio-printing.

  • Green Fertilizer, Commitment to a Sustainable Environment

    Green Fertilizer technology aims to solve the problem of food insecurity in developing countries, like Uganda.

  • PointStick

    In the finals of the Idea Challenge the judges awarded PointStick, a product that gives tactile and kinesthetic feedback to patients for both correct spinal alignment and breathing mechanics, second place in the “First to Market” award category.

  • Jonathan Aguilar
    Mechanical Engineering

    Jonathan Aguilar ’21 started a 3D printing company as an undergrad that he now runs at the Haverhill Innovation Hub.

  • Solar Electric Vehicles

    Solar Electric Vehicles allow people to travel by the energy of the sun.

  • Sammy Santana
    Liberal Arts

    With an unbridled passion for learning, Sammy Santana is pursuing his numerous interests through the BLA program.

  • Robotic Feeding Arm

    After a three minute rocket pitch to a panel of alumni judges Philip Colangelo's Robotic Feeding Arm was awarded first place in the “Innovative Technology” category, $3,500 award.

  • Masela Dentures

    Masela Dentures creates a low cost alternative to expensive dentures.

  • USe Cart

    USe Cart is a smart shopping cart that makes shopping faster and easier for customers, pushing self-checkout to a new level.

  • Grab a Bite

    Grab a Bite received "Fan Favorite" at the Inaugural DifferenceMaker Idea Challenge, pushing them to the final round where they won the title “First to Market” and were awarded $3,500 by the panel of judges.

  • Breezy

    Breezy is a real-time air quality-monitoring device, which can be tracked through its cell phone application or online website.

  • Happy Heart Cart

    Happy Heart Cart is a program that provides advanced therapeutic and holistic practices to improve patient stays in adult hospitals

  • Protected Pin

    Protected Pin is a software that randomly generates a new user PIN each time the banking app is accessed, creating safety and security for each user.

  • QBell

    QBell is a mobile application that improves upon the current nursing call bell system.

  • BioBubbler

    The BioBubbler is made from indigenous material and does not require chemicals or electricity to use. It is a slow sand filtration system that eliminates bacteria in water by absorption, predation, natural death and oxygen depletion.

  • Terminus, Honorable Mention

    Terminus will solve the problem of food insecurity in the USA and beyond by by creating a system of multiple, stackable units that can grow food anywhere.

  • BASH

    BASH plans to create and implement a new waste management system for the city of Les Cayes, Haiti.

  • NavLens, Sutherland Innovative Technology Solution

    NavLens will help those who are visually impaired by providing navigation in these unfamiliar areas as well as supplemental audio-visual cues to avoid obstacles.

  • Operation250

    Operation250 is an online platform consisting of an educational website, engaging videos and a large social media presence, focused on educating both young adolescents, parents and educators on how to prevent radical extremist recruitment.

  • ClassRoots

    ClassRoots is an organization striving to facilitate connections between students in the classroom and to share this with their instructors.

  • Richard Juknavorian
    Health Information Management

    Richard Juknavorian ’98 gets involved in the university whenever he can. He mentors students, serves on the advisory board of the Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences, donates to scholarships and hosts events.

  • UML Green Roofs

    UML Green Roofs is attempting to provide secure green outdoor locations for the students at UMass Lowell.

  • MissionHydro

    An innovative way to harness and use hydrogen energy.

  • MetaLingual

    Learn a new language via a virtual reality platform.

  • Tom Stranberg

    Tom Stranberg rounded out his business degree with co-ops at the Boston Federal Reserve and Wayfair.

  • Lowell Sprouts

    Lowell Sprouts is an organization that utilizes school gardens as a way to educate middle school children about the importance of sustainable, organic agriculture. Lowell Sprouts entered the DifferenceMaker Idea Challenge and won first place in the “Sustainable Environment” category, a $3,500 award.

  • Mayday

    Mayday upon activation can reach all emergency contacts in just a tap.

  • Happy Pinning

    Happing Pinning is an effective, effortless device that clips clothing together.

  • Benji Ball

    Benji Ball, the 2019 Capus-wide DifferenceMaker, is a baseball training tool for children that is composed of a bat and ball with the ball having multiple sides, each side showing the different outcome of an at bat.

  • DigiBank

    DigiBank is a software solution that aims to rid the world of pocket change.

  • TopaCan

    TopaCan is a product development company whose first product turns any empty can into an environmentally friendly way to dispose of cigarette butts.

  • Love of the Game

    Love of the Game will unite universities and people with physical and cognitive disabilities through sports.

  • Smart Escape

    Smart Escape’s mission is to lead people to safety during a fire evacuation.

  • Living, Green Wall

    Vertical green walls reduce carbon dioxide and increase oxygen levels.


    Over Terrain Tactical Scuba Personnel Delivery Service crafted a solution to New England’s unforgiving terrain by creating a device that would either assist by moving the diver’s gear for them, or even moving the diver into the dive spot that they need to reach.

  • TrueFIT, Rist Campuswide DifferenceMaker

    The TrueFIT design can be used to help employees in various industries, like construction, healthcare, and more.


    DEXTER is aiming to help reduce the costs financially and environmentally to fruit farms by improving the efficiency of spraying pesticides on farms, and to helping to reduce the financial strain that comes with dumping the pesticides over their crops.

  • Guardian

    Guardian is a sensor platform that can attach to any commercially available drone for use in search and rescue operations.

  • WordPro

    WordPro is a vocabulary builder aimed at high school students learning a second language.

  • Mass Heartbeat

    Mass Heartbeat is an organization focused on screening children and young adults for heart conditions and anomalies to ensure they seek treatment before any undiscovered issues occur.

  • invisaWear

    invisaWear is a discrete wearable device that connects to a smart phone that sends an emergency alert to predetermined contacts when the wearer is in need.

  • Tendren

    Tendren is a wristband that monitors a patient's vitals while they are in the hospital waiting room.

  • Tommy Vi’s Gelato, Honorable Mention

    After an increase of violence and hate crimes on the Asian-American community, Tommy Vi created a fusion of Asian flavors with Italian machinery and technique to create a new version of gelato in hopes of brining people together.

  • eNABLE

    eNABLE is an international organization that makes 3D printed prosthetic hands for children in need.

  • UMass Lowell Japanese Student Association (UML JSA)

    UMass Lowell Japanese Student Association (UML JSA) is a student organization that aspires to promote greater awareness of Japanese culture throughout the University of Massachusetts Lowell community.

  • JamFuze

    JamFuze is a tool that helps both artists and producers to find each other and become more connected for potential success.

  • USuccess

    Create more financial stability and less frustration about finances by educating people on how to best use their money.

  • Hydraulic Walker

    The Hydraulic Walker utilizes hydraulics, allowing for the legs to be quickly adjusted, so that it can be used on stairs.

  • Apple a Day, Contribution to a Healthier Lifestyle

    Apple a Day is a fun product that makes the process of taking pills more efficient.

  • Vital Sensing Patch

    The Vital Sensing Patch is a remote, all in one vitals monitoring device, that will be affordable to consumers and usable from anywhere.

  • ECG For Me

    ECG For Me is dedicated to stopping the harsh and fatal effects of an unexpected cardiac event with an integration software for a wearable device that detects underlying heart conditions before they are expected to occur.

  • Expect

    Expect is an application that facilitates communication between referring facilities/emergency medical services and accepting inpatient/emergency units.

  • Amara

    Seeking to solve the problem around social media and the mental health crisis.

  • ETRALock

    ETRALock is a team focused on helping individuals with physical limitations, get into their homes using smart locks with simple proximity activation.

  • Yeaharne Hout
    Business Administration

    As she begins her career at Fidelity, Yeaharne Hout sees how transformative her UML experience has been.

  • SmartEater

    SmartEater is an Automated Diet Monitoring (ADM) System designed to help people manage their dietary behavior.

  • NerdOnyx

    NerdOnyx is a web-based learning tool that will provide articles, videos and other resources to enhance the learning of engineering students and help bridge the gap between the classroom and the industry.

  • Nick Jarek
    Digital Media

    A summer co-op job with the DifferenceMaker program gave Nick Jarek a wider lens on his future career.

  • Adam Basma
    Marketing, Entrepreneurship

    Inspired by Assoc. Teaching Prof. Deborah Finch, Adam Basma published his first novel for his senior Honors College project.

  • StockToMe

    StockToMe is the first stock opinion community, where anybody can post an opinion about a stock.

  • Veteran’s QRF

    Veteran's QRF is a web platform that will simplify the application process for service connected disability benefits.

  • Playtlist

    Playtlist is dedicated to helping those with dietary restrictions work around their food restrictions when eating out.

  • OTTOnomous Technology

    OTTOnomous Technology is a novel solution for replacing camshafts in car engines with electro-mechanical actuators.

  • VieVest, Honorable Mention

    VieVest is a creative design that will protect athletes during weight lifting workouts.

  • Hoppers

    Hoppers was designed to help children build social skills and problem solving skills.

  • Wonder Wheel, Jack M. Wilson First to Market Award

    Wonder Wheel is a novel device that will aid wheel chair users.


    RE-VIVE aims to lessen the fatalities associated with the opioid epidemic. The product consists of a wearable auto-injection system to administer Naloxone to those suffering from a drug overdose.

  • Security Top

    Security Top is a reusable bottle cap designed for the purpose of increasing the prevention of contaminates entering a bottled beverage.

  • Fresh Beets

    Fresh Beets is a food truck and music venue based out of Lowell, Ma. that unites food, music, education, and revelry into one vehicle of change.

  • PEAK Performance

    Assessing and correcting rotational misalignments between the pelvis and thoracic spine.

  • Ariel Shramko
    Environmental Engineering

    Ariel Shramko is growing food for Earth and beyond.

  • Project Starfish

    Project Starfish is an effective, non-invasive, and cost-effective prosthetic hand for people with disabilities.

  • SASS

    SASS, also known as Solo-Adventurer Safety System, provides reliable GPS tracking and communication with a timed checking system to make sure the adventurer is always safe.

  • Buddies Without Borders

    Buddies Without Borders aims to bridge the gap between domestic students and international students.

  • Minds with Purpose

    Helping bring together all entrepreneurs and creatives alike.

  • Nonspec

    Nonspec participated in the first annual DifferenceMaker Idea Challenge where they received the prestigious title of “The Campus Wide DifferenceMaker” and the top award of $5,000.

  • Maddie Gear

    Maddie Gear’s favorable first impression of UML steered her to a marketing co-op position at CarGurus.

  • Personalized Learning

    Personalized Learning is a team that ensures students have the education that’s best for them in their college career by optimizing every student’s academic path.

  • OmniSense

    OmniSense is performance tracking for athletes, giving users a low cost option of tracking lifting metrics.


    ZHUUM is a mobile application platform aimed at helping owners across the food service industry drive out inefficiencies and reduce wait times.

  • Clot Catch

    Clot Catch is developing a new design to replace the current inferior vena cava (IVC) clot filters that are currently on the market.