Professor Wael Kamal adjusts a student's microphone during class in the new TV Production Studio.

Undergraduate Studies

The departments within the College of Fine Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences offer programs leading to Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Music, and Bachelor of Liberal Arts degrees, coinciding with your specific major.

Please refer to the UMass Lowell Online Undergraduate Course Catalog for requirements specific to each degree. Please see below for more information on the College's full list of majors and minors.

Undergraduate Majors/Minors

Art & Design
Criminology & Justice Studies
Political Science
World Languages & Culture

Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Majors

  • American Studies
  • Bachelor of Liberal Arts
  • Peace and Conflict Studies

Student Profiles

  • Everything I get involved with is just a reflection of what the school has allowed me to become.

    Keith's education in his psychology classes and experiences on the track fulfilled his desire to learn about others and himself.