The departments within the College of Fine Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences offer programs leading to Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Music, and Bachelor of Liberal Arts degrees, coinciding with your specific major.

Please refer to the UMass Lowell Online Undergraduate Course Catalog for requirements specific to each degree. Please see below for more information on the College's full list of majors and minors.

Undergraduate Majors

  • General Option
  • Thematic Option
Art: B.F.A.
  • Animation & Interactive Media Concentration 
  • Studio Art Concentration
  • General Option
  • Crime & Mental Health Option
  • Homeland Security Option
  • Police Option
Economics: B.A.
Education: B.A.
  • Elementary and Moderate Disabilities Concentration
English: B.A.
  • Creative Writing Concentration
  • Journalism & Professional Writing Concentration
  • Literature Concentration
  • Theatre Arts Concentration
History: B.A.

  • General Option
  • Communications & Critical Thinking Option
  • Philosophy & Religious Studies Option
  • General Concentration
  • Behavior Analysis Concentration
  • Developmental Disabilities Concentration
  • Community Social Psychology Concentration
  • Clinical Psychology Concentration
  • Health Psychology Concentration    
Sociology: B.A.
  • General Concentration
  • Policy & Social Problems Concentration    
  • French Option
  • French/Spanish Option
  • Italian/Spanish Option
  • Spanish Option
1Interdisciplinary majors

Undergraduate Minors

2Interdisciplinary minors

Student Profiles

Jake Abramowitz filming actors on a movie set
Jake Abramowitz 2023
Bachelor of Liberal Arts

Jake Abramowitz won a statewide pitch contest for his short film.

I was super-excited.
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Melisa Hussain stands at a table talking with a student
Melisa Hussain '21

Melisa Hussain’s experience as a visibly Muslim teenager inspired her honors thesis.

I want to create that critical research we need to make our lives better – and America better.
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Kyleigh Clark-Moorman presents her research
Kyleigh Clark-Moorman '19

Kyleigh Clark-Moorman is interested in how best to prepare inmates to rejoin their communities. She’s gotten a broad range of research and teaching experiences in the doctoral program in criminology.

Everyone is so welcoming, and the professors are so invested in student success. They want you to flourish and build your skills.
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Emily Crespo sits at a table with a Jumpstart poster.
Emily Crespo '21
English & Music Composition

Emily Crespo came to UML for its affordability – and for the River Hawk Scholars Academy, now a supportive community for first-year, first-generation college students.

I learned not only that you can help others, but that they can help you on your journey, too.
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Rianna Grissom talks with Assistant Professor Yana Weinstein
Rianna Grissom '20
Applied Psychology & Prevention Science

Rianna Grissom does research on how stereotypes and prejudices affect biracial and multiracial people.

I’m interested in what it’s like to be multiracial in America right now.
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