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Interdisciplinary Programs & Minors

Medieval and Renaissance Studies Minor

This interdisciplinary minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies draws upon classes from the History, English, Philosophy, Music, Art History, and World Language programs. Emphasis is placed on the development and interaction of European and World political, social, and economic systems, as well as arts and ideas. The program aims to study how aspects of the Middle Ages and Renaissance created, and persist into, the modern day. The minor is open to all students.

The Medieval and Renaissance Studies minor requires at least 6, but not more than 8 classes (18-24 credits). At least two classes (6 credits)  must be at the 3000-level or above. Courses must be drawn from at least two different departments. No more than two classes in ancient cultures may count for the Medieval and Renaissance Studies minor. Students may take elective courses within their major and designate them for the minor provided that the total number of credits in their major does not exceed 54 of the 120-credit minimum required for graduation. Three classes (9 credits) must be from outside the students’ major(s).

Course Listing for Medieval and Renaissance Studies

For more information, contact Andrew Drenas, program coordinator.