As a world languages and cultures major, you will acquire the language skills and cultural understanding necessary to succeed in today's multicultural workplace.

What courses will you take?

Professor and two students in a World Languages & Cultures classroom at UMass Lowell

Studying a language offers benefits for both your personal and professional life that go far beyond the obvious communicative advantages. 

In our courses, you will build empathy, engage with diversity, develop cultural agility and gain meaningful insight into the perspectives that others have about your own culture. Whether you are planning to study or work abroad, travel the world for pleasure, connect with relatives and friends, continue your higher education or serve other communities in your career, our program can help you develop the linguistic proficiency and deep cultural understanding necessary to achieve your goals. 

Our B.A. in World Languages and Cultures offers courses in language, literature, civilization and culture, allowing you to acquire one or two second language(s) and to become aware of the cultures in which they flourish. Choose one of these options:

View the Academic Catalog for a complete course listing and to learn about the French and Spanish minors.

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  • Upon graduating students should be able to:

    1. Communicate in languages other than English
    2. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of other cultures
    3. Demonstrate connection with other disciplines 
    4. Demonstrate the ability to acquire information and recognize the distinctive viewpoints that are only available through the foreign language 
    5. Demonstrate insight into the nature of language and culture
    6. Participate in multilingual communities at home & around the world

Why study world languages and cultures at UMass Lowell?

Canal magazine logo

Canal Online Journal

Publish your work in target languages in Canal, our online, multilingual journal that highlights students’ work as they study French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Khmer, Chinese, Arabic and German.

A group of student pose with a cityscape behind them

International Opportunities

Study languages and cultures through integrative learning experiences such as study abroad and service learning.

National Park ranger talks to elementary school students

Multicultural Learning in Lowell

Engage with Lowell’s multicultural population through experiential learning opportunities in schools, health centers, cultural organizations, museums and the National Park Service. 

  • Complete a practicum experience in the community in the junior or senior year
  • Conduct a service-learning component, offered through some of our language courses
Professor speaks with a student in a World Languages & Cultures class at UMass Lowell

Bachelor’s-to-Master's Program

Get on the fast track to an advanced degree with our combined bachelor's-to-master's program.

  • Available to juniors and seniors with a grade point average of 3.000 or better
  • Offers a continuous, coordinated sequence of courses
  • Reduced credit-hour requirements can save you time and money

What can you do with a degree in world languages and cultures?

Graduates from UMass Lowell's World Languages & Cultures program gain language competence and awareness of cultural diversity — skills that are considered essential for many employers and can be applied across many sectors.

Two students wearing business attire standing in front of government building

Career possibilities include:

  • Airline & tourism
  • Banking
  • Diplomacy & foreign relations
  • Healthcare
  • Higher Education
  • Hospitality
  • Interpretation & translation
  • Legal services
  • Library services
  • Marketing & advertising
  • Museum exhibit curation
  • Social work
  • Teaching

Meet Our Students

UMass Lowell student Zayna Basma sits amongst a row of other students
Zayna Basma '18
Political Science, Arabic & Spanish

Zayna Basma volunteered at a center that helps Burmese refugees - and became fascinated by refugee policy and research.

Every professor in political science has their own passion they bring to the classroom.
Read More About Zayna Basma 
Jamie Aciukewicz stands with UMass Lowell Chancellor Julie Chen in front of banner for the 2023 Student Research and Community Engagement Symposium.
Jamie Aciukewicz '23

Jamie Aciukewicz has used his affinity for the Spanish language to create experiences for himself both locally and abroad.

Learning Spanish has definitely helped me see my place in the world better. Spanish will always have a part of my life from here on out.
Read More About Jamie Aciukewicz 

Double major

Combine your language major with another major and expand your opportunities! Many of our students choose a second major such as history, psychology, or business. As a multilingual student, you will be able to access new research materials and work in a larger professional community after graduation.