As a world languages and cultures major, you will acquire the language skills and cultural understanding necessary to succeed in today's multicultural workplace.

What courses will you take?

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The B.A. in World Languages and Cultures program offers courses in language, literature, civilization and culture, allowing you to acquire one or two second language(s) and to become aware of the cultures in which they flourish. 

Language courses offer an understanding of language as a system and a model of communication in its cultural context, in addition to providing skills in a number of languages. Other courses cover such topics as Contemporary French Cinema, Italian Women Writers, Spanish Culture and Civilization, German Culture and Civilization, Cambodian Culture and Civilization, Portuguese Literature in Translation and more. 

There are four different options for this major:

  • French
  • French/Spanish
  • Italian/Spanish
  • Spanish
Each option requires specific foundation courses that prepare you for advanced study; you can then select specialized courses that complement this core and allow for the exploration of individual interests.

Visit the Academic Catalog for a complete course listing and to learn about the French and Spanish minors.

  • Degree Pathways are a semester-by-semester sequence of courses recommended for successful completion of a degree, diploma, credential or certificate from the university. The most current degree pathways are:

    Visit the Academic Catalog for all degree pathways, including those from prior enrollment years.
  • Upon graduating students should be able to:

    1. Communicate in languages other than English
    2. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of other cultures
    3. Demonstrate connection with other disciplines 
    4. Demonstrate the ability to acquire information and recognize the distinctive viewpoints that are only available through the foreign language 
    5. Demonstrate insight into the nature of language and culture
    6. Participate in multilingual communities at home & around the world

Why study world languages and cultures at UMass Lowell?

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Canal Online Journal

Publish your work in target languages in Canal, our online, multilingual journal that highlights students’ work as they study French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Khmer, Chinese, Arabic and German.

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International Opportunities

Study languages and cultures through integrative learning experiences such as study abroad and service learning.

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Experiential Learning in Lowell

Engage with Lowell’s multicultural population through experiential learning opportunities in schools, health centers, cultural organizations, museums and the National Park Service. 

  • Complete a practicum experience in the community in the junior or senior year
  • Conduct a service-learning component, offered through some of our language courses
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Bachelor’s-to-Master's Program

Get on the fast track to an advanced degree with our combined bachelor's-to-master's program.

  • Available to juniors and seniors with a grade point average of 3.0 or better
  • Offers a continuous, coordinated sequence of courses
  • Reduced credit-hour requirements can save you time and money