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History Major


The University of Massachusetts Lowell offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in History.

Students who major in History develop a thorough grounding in the historical process and a greater empathy and special perspective for viewing human thought and action through a broad exposure to the complexities that shape the forces of civilization. The student of history recognizes the distinctiveness of people and societies of the past, and acknowledges the threads that connect the experiences of these people over time.

A History major offers invaluable training in the essential skills of a liberal arts education: reading, writing, critical thinking, and public speaking. The students are prepared for a wide array of careers, including teaching, law, government service, business, medicine, research and more.

A major in History consists of 120 credits. That includes (among others) the Breadth of Knowledge requirements (60 credits) , major requirements (39 credits), and the foreign language requirement (12-15 credits). For the latter, students are required to choose between the traditional completion of four semesters in a foreign language or the World Ready language option in which they take two semesters of language classes and then complete three semesters in course work related to the broader culture of their language classes. This requirement can be met in a number of different ways; students should consult their academic adviser.

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An accelerated five-year course of study leading to BA in History and an M.Ed in Curriculum & Instruction is available to full-time students.

Students who are interested in secondary school teaching to participate in a five-year program leading to the Master of Education (M.Ed) in Curriculum & Instruction and Massachusetts teacher certification. Students achieve competency in all required subject areas during the four years that lead to the BA in History, and then continue their studies in the School of Education for an additional year. A candidate successfully completing the program earns the graduate degree as well as the credentials to accept an appointment as an elementary or secondary school teacher of History. For more details, see graduate catalog or contact Patricia Fontaine, program coordinator.

For additional information about programs, contact the Department of History.