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Interdisciplinary Programs & Minors

Labor Studies Minor

The interdisciplinary minor in Labor Studies is designed for students from all departmental majors who are interested in understanding the structure of the labor market, the changing nature of work, and the role of worker organizations, including unions, in addressing economic and social inequities. Exploring these issues from a range of disciplinary perspectives provides critical knowledge and skills for all, and is especially relevant for those who are interested in human resources, labor organizing, workplace law, management, job training, and community or non-profit work.

Through a unique partnership with the Labor Education Program, minors will have access to service-learning and internship opportunities at work and worker-related organizations throughout the local area. Past projects include:

  • Language partnerships with Janitors Union
  • Labor leader interviews with Lowell Telecommunications, Inc (LTC)
  • Labor Market Analysis with Greater Lowell Workforce Investment Board


  • At least two courses must be at the 3000 level or above¬†
  • Four additional courses from a designated list of approved courses
  • No more than two courses from the same department (with exception of Introduction to Labor Studies, which will not be counted towards the sociology maximum)

Labor Studies Course Listing

For additional information visit the Labor Studies website or email: