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Art History Minor

Art History Minor

The Department of Art & Design offers a minor in Art History. The study of Art History produces students who are globally aware, sensitive to diverse cultural contexts and values, and able to synthesize different fields of study—from the sciences, social sciences, and languages—through the lens of culture and history.

Courses in Art History use art and architecture to consider and conceptualize pressing contemporary matters, from environmental issues including climate change and the politics of sustainability, to the global economy and changing concepts of urban space and architecture, to the marketing, collecting, and display of art objects.

The minor in Art History can serve students with majors in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences by extending their interests with coursework that can help prepare them for a broader range of careers in architecture, museum studies, arts administration, education, and public history.

A minor in Art History consists of 18-24 credits selected in accordance with the following specifications:

  • ARHI.2030 History of Art I
  • ARHI.2040 History of Art II
  • Two 3000/4000 level Art History courses
  • Two additional Art History courses (any level)

A practicum and/or Service-Learning course is encouraged. Course work is selected in consultation with the Art History coordinator.

In addition to the minor in Art History, students can also select the Art History Concentration in the Bachelor of Liberal Arts major.

For additional information, contact Jennifer Cadero Gillette, program coordinator.