Discovering ways to use the biological processes, organisms or systems to manufacture products to improve the quality of life.

UMass Lowell’s education, workforce development and R&D in biotech leverages faculty expertise in engineering, sciences and health sciences. Areas of expertise include biomanufacturing, nutrition, advanced materials, renewable polymers, biosensors, imaging technologies, automation, printed and flexible electronics, 3D printing, data analytics and advanced computing.

Student working on a a Tangential Flow Filtration machine which is used to develop filtration processes for purifing biopharmaceuticals. Image by Joson Images

Major Research Projects

Assoc. Prof. Carl Lawton and a researcher use the bioreactor at the Massachusetts Biomanufacturing Center at UMass Lowell Image by Joson Images

Associated Centers, Labs & Facilities

Asst. Teaching Prof. Cecil Joseph and grad student Jillian Martin at the Biomedical Terahertz Technology Center. Image by Joson Images

Associated Faculty

Faculty in computer science, engineering, sciences and health science are experts in:


Bioimaging, Diagnostics & Instrumentation

Tissue Engineering & Biomaterials


Nutrition & Microbiome

Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics & Bioinformatics

Nanomaterials & Nanomedicine

Biomechanics & Musculoskeletal

Partnership Opportunities

Advance your company’s R&D efforts through collaboration with expert faculty and leverage government funding for research available through the following programs.

Manufacturing USA

This network of manufacturing innovation institutes is a public-private partnership in distinct technology areas, which receives matching funding from the sponsoring federal agency.

Industry-University Cooperative Research Centers Program

This NSF funded program establishes collaborative Industry-University research centers that allow industry members to direct research focus areas, with funding from the membership.

Contact Us

For more Information contact:

Arlene Parquette, Associate Vice Chancellor for Industry Partnerships and Economic Development
Phone: 978-934-4881