SHAP3D: Science of Heterogeneous Additive Printing of 3D Materials

The mission of the SHAP3D Center is to perform pre-competitive research providing the fundamental knowledge for additively printed heterogeneous products that integrate multiple engineering materials with complex 3D structures and diverse functionality.

SHAP3D is a collaboration between the University of Massachusetts Lowell, University of Connecticut and Georgia Institute of Technology to create an National Science Foundation I/UCRC focused on 3D printing. The Center's work encompasses many different additive printing/manufacturing methods and will enable:

  • rational design and creation of new material feedstocks
  • understanding the material properties, protocols, and design rules used in 3D printing
  • developing new 3D printing methods for novel materials and composites

In an I/UCRC, NSF funding and pooled member fees are used to perform pre-competitive research. University faculty and students conduct the industry-defined research projects. Industry members have access to this research to expedite commercialization of new materials, printing methods, and products.

Meetings and Events

  • Spring Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) meeting 
    • When: May 16 - 17
    • Where: Georgia Institute of Technology 

Industrial Advisory Board Meeting Online Registration

SHAP3D is a University / Industry / Government Collaboration


The National Science Foundation has more than 40 years of experience with the I/UCRC program and provides performance oversight and external independent evaluation of SHAP3D.