Bryan Black

Bryan James Black, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Francis College of Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Falmouth 301B

Research Interests

My research interests involve the use of optical and electrical neural interfaces to detect and modulate neural excitability in order to better understand and prevent chronic pain conditions.

Selected Publications

For a full list of publications please see my Google Scholar webpage.

  • The MNK - eIF4E signaling axis contributes to injury-induced nociceptive plasticity and the development of chronic pain
    J Moy, A Khoutorsky, M Asiedu, BJ Black, J Kuhn, P Barragan-Iglesias, ...
    The Journal of Neuroscience 64 2017

  • Quantum Dot-Peptide-Fullerene Bioconjugates for Visualization of in Vitro and in Vivo Cellular Membrane Potential
    OK Nag, MH Stewart, JR Deschamps, K Susumu, E Oh, V Tsytsarev, ...
    ACS nano 11 (6), 5598-5613 44 2017

  • Fiber-optic Spanner
    B Black, S Mohanty
    Optics Letters 37 (24), 5030-5032 42 2012

  • Chronic Intracortical Recording and Electrochemical Stability of Thiol-ene/Acrylate Shape Memory Polymer Electrode Arrays
    AM Stiller, J Usoro, CL Frewin, VR Danda, M Ecker, A Joshi-Imre, ...
    Micromachines 9 (10) 29 2018

  • Introduction of impermeable actin-staining molecules to mammalian cells by optoporation
    K Dhakal, B Black, S Mohanty
    Scientific Reports 4 29 2014

  • Dynamics of microscopic objects in optical tweezers: experimental determination of underdamped regime and numerical simulation using multiscale analysis
    M Haghshenas-Jaryani, B Black, S Ghaffari, J Drake, A Bowling, ...
    Nonlinear Dynamics 76 (2), 1013-1030 22 2013

  • Chronic recording and electrochemical performance of Utah microelectrode arrays implanted in rat motor cortex
    BJ Black, A Kanneganti, A Joshi-Imre, R Rihani, B Chakraborty, J Abbott, ...
    Journal of neurophysiology 120 (4), 2083-2090 21 2018

  • Microfluidic control of axonal guidance
    L Gu, B Black, S Ordonez, A Mondal, A Jain, S Mohanty
    Scientific Reports 4 20 2014

  • Liquid Crystal Elastomer-Based Microelectrode Array for In Vitro Neuronal Recordings
    R Rihani, H Kim, BJ Black, R Atmaramani, MO Saed, P Joseph J., ... Micromachines 9 (8), 416 19 2018

  • Adult mouse sensory neurons on microelectrode arrays exhibit increased spontaneous and stimulus-evoked activity in the presence of interleukin-6
    BJ Black, R Atmaramani, R Kumaraju, S Plagens, M Romero-Ortega, ...
    Journal of neurophysiology 120 (3), 1374-1385 15 2018

  • A Meta-Analysis of Intracortical Device Stiffness and Its Correlation with Histological Outcomes
    A Stiller, BJ Black, C Kung, A Ashok, SF Cohan, V Varner, JJ Pancrazio
    Micromachines 9 (9), 443 14 2018

  • Fiber-optic two-photon optogenetic stimulation
    K Dhakal, L Gu, B Black, SK Mohanty
    Optics Letters 38 (11), 1927 13 2013

  • Reversal of peripheral nerve injury-induced neuropathic pain and cognitive dysfunction via genetic and tomivosertib targeting of MNK
    S Shiers, J Mwirigi, G Pradhan, M Kume, B Black, P Barragan-Iglesias, ...
    Neuropsychopharmacology 45 (3), 524-533 12 2020

  • Spontaneous and Evoked Activity from Murine Ventral Horn Cultures on Microelectrode Arrays
    BJ Black, R Atmaramani, JJ Pancrazio
    Frontiers in cellular neuroscience 11, 304 12 2017