Shannon Kelleher is a Professor in the Biomedical & Nutritional Sciences Department at UMass Lowell.

Shannon L. Kelleher, Ph.D.


Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences
Biomedical & Nutritional Sciences, Center for Pathogen Research & Training (CPRT)
Weed Hall, Room 302


Mammary Gland Biology, Lactation, Functional Genomics, Biomarkers; Nutritional Biochemistry; Vitamin and Mineral Transport, Functional Foods and Polyphenols

Research Interests

Shannon Kelleher’s research interests center around understanding how genetics and dietary factors affect mammary gland biology, lactation, and human milk production and composition. In addition, we strive to understand risk factors for insufficient lactation and use genome-wide approaches to develop novel milk-based biomarkers to prevent and treat common lactation problems such as insufficient milk production and suboptimal milk composition.

To do so, we conduct clinical studies in breastfeeding women to identify novel genetic variations associated with human milk composition and production. Additionally, we use a variety of advanced biochemical and molecular biology techniques in cultured cell models to evaluate the functional relevance of gene variants, miRNAs, and a variety of dietary bioactives on mammary epithelial cell biology.


  • Ph.D.: Nutritional Biochemistry , (2002), University of California Davis - Davis, CA
    Supporting Area: Cell Biology
  • BA: Biology, (1988), University of San Diego - San Diego, CA
    Supporting Area: Chemistry

Selected Publications

  • Kelleher SL, Alam S, Rivera OC, Barber-Zucker S, Zarivach R, Wagatsuma T, Kambe T, Soybel DI, Wright J, Lamendella R. (2022) Loss-of-function SLC30A2 mutants are associated with gut dysbiosis and alterations in intestinal gene expression in preterm infants. Gut Microbes. Jan-Dec;14(1):2014739.
  • Pärnänen KMM, Hultman J, Markkanen M, Satokari R, Rautava S, Lamendella R, Wright J, McLimans CJ, Kelleher SL, Virta MP. (2022) Early-life formula feeding is associated with infant gut microbiota alterations and an increased antibiotic resistance load. Am J Clin Nutr. Feb 9;115(2):407-421.
  • Wu T, Gagnon A, McGourty K, DosSantos R, Chanetsa L, Zhang B, Bello D, Kelleher SL. (2021) Zinc Exposure Promotes Commensal-to-Pathogen Transition in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Leading to Mucosal Inflammation and Illness in Mice. Int J Mol Sci. Dec 11;22(24):13321.
  • Rivera OC, Geddes DT, Barber-Zucker S, Zarivach R, Gagnon A, Soybel DI, Kelleher SL. (2020) A common genetic variant in zinc transporter ZnT2 (Thr288Ser) is present in women with low milk volume and alters lysosome function and cell energetics. American Journal of Physiology Cell Physiology, 318(6):C1166-C1177.
  • Kelleher SL, Iv J and Hershfinkel M. (2020) Zinc’ing in the intestine. In Zinc Signaling. Second edition. Springer. Editors: Fukada T and Kambe T
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