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Dionysios Christodouleas

Associate Professor

College of Sciences
Chemistry, Center for Pathogen Research & Training (CPRT)


Analytical Chemistry, Materials

Research Interests

Low-Cost Diagnostics, Sensors, Bioanalytical Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Luminescence


  • Postdoc: Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Harvard University
    Supporting Area: Paper-based Devices and Low-cost Diagnostics 2012-2016
  • Ph D: Chemistry, (2012), University of Athens - Athens, Greece
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: Study of antioxidant properties of edible oils using spectrophotometric techniques
  • MS: Techno-Economical Systems, (2011), National Technical University of Athens - Athens, Greece
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: Quality management in chemical industries and laboratories
  • MS: Chemical Analysis-Quality Control, (2007), University of Athens - Athens, Greece
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: Development and validation of a chemiluminescent method for the evaluation of the antioxidant activity of edible oils
  • BS: Chemistry, (2004), University of Athens - Athens, Greece


Dionysios Christodouleas, Ph.D. joined the Department of Chemistry at the University of Massachusetts Lowell in 2016. Before that, he was a postdoctoral research associate in Harvard University working with Prof. George Whitesides. Christodouleas holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry, a M.Sc. in Chemical Analysis & Quality Control, and a B.S. in Chemistry, all from the University of Athens, the leading university in Greece. He also holds a M.Sc. degree in Techno-economical Systems (MBA). He has earned several highly prestigious awards and scholarships (e.g., Alexander S. Onassis Scholarship etc.) and he was selected by an international committee to participate in the 63rd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting (06/30/2013 - 07/05/2013, Lindau, Germany). Thus far, he has published more than 25 papers and 7 patents.

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Travel Award for 63rd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting (2013), Leadership - Council Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings/ Alexander S. Onassis Foundation
  • Award Scholarship (2011), Scholarship/Research - Alexander S. Onassis Foundation
  • Award Scholarship (2007), Scholarship/Research - Papadakis Foundation / University of Athens
  • Award Scholarship (2006) - Propondis Foundation
  • Research Scholarship (2006), Scholarship/Research - N.C.S.R. Demokritos
  • Award Scholarship (2004) - Papadakis Foundation / University of Athens
  • Performance Award (Best Senior and Graduate of 2004 class) (2004) - Greek State Scholarship Foundation
  • Performance Award (Best Junior of class 2004) (2003) - Greek State Scholarship Foundation
  • Performance Award (Best Freshman of 2004 class) (2001) - Greek State Scholarship Foundation

Selected Publications

  • Routsi, AM, Maji, T., Drew, C., Kumar, J., Christodouleas, DC. High-Performance Thermoelectric Fabric based on PEDOT:Tosylate/CuI. Applied Materials Today (just accepted)
  • Maji, T., Routsi, AM, Kazi, AP, Drew, C., Kumar, J., Christodouleas, DC. Wearable Thermoelectric Device Based on 3D PEDOT:Tosylate/CuI Paper Composites. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (just accepted)
  • Kazi, AP, Routsi, AM, Kaur, B., Christodouleas, DC. (2020) Inexpensive, Three-Dimensional, Open-Cell, Fluid-Permeable, Noble-Metal Electrodes for Electroanalysis and Electrocatalysis. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces,12(40) 45582-45589
  • Christodouleas, D. (2019). Can Sweat Sensors Detect Common Diseases? A Simple Sweat Patch May Soon Achieve It. Clinical Chemistry,65(9) 1073-1075.
  • Christodouleas, D., Kaur, B., Chorti, P. (2018). From Point-of-Care Testing to eHealth Diagnostic Devices (eDiagnostics). ACS Central Science,4(12) 1600-1616.
  • Tsaloglou, M., Nemiroski, A., Camci-Unal, G., Christodouleas, D., Murray, L., Connelly, J., Whitesides, G. (2018). Handheld Isothermal Amplification and Electrochemical Detection of DNA in Resource-Limited Settings. Analytical Biochemistry,543 116.
  • Kappi, F., Tsogas, G., Routsi, A., Christodouleas, D., Giokas, D. (2018). Paper-based devices for biothiols sensing using the photochemical reduction of silver halides . Analytica Chimica Acta
  • Verma, M., Tsaloglou, M., Sisley, T., Christodouleas, D., Chen, A., Milette, J., Whitesides, G. (2018). Sliding-Strip Microfluidic Device Enables ELISA on Paper. Biosensors and Bioelectronics,99 77-84.
  • Tsaloglou, M., Nemiroski, A., CamciUnal, G., Christodouleas, D., Murray, L.P., Connelly, J.T., Whitesides, G.M. (2018). Handheld isothermal amplification and electrochemical detection of DNA in resource-limited settings. Analytical Biochemistry,543 116-121.
  • Kappi, F., Tsogas, G., Christodouleas, D., Giokas, D.L. (2017). Calibrant-Loaded Paper-Based Analytical Devices for Standard Addition Quantitative Assays (253: pp. 860-867). Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical
  • Ge, S., Semenov, S., Nagarkar, A., Milette, J., Christodouleas, D., Yuan, L., Whietsides, G. (2017). Magnetic Levitation To Characterize the Kinetics of Free-Radical Polymerization. Journal of American Chemical Society,139(51) 18688.
  • Christodouleas, D., Simeone, F.C., Tayi, A., Targ, S., Weaver, J.C., Jayaram, K., Fernandez-Abedul, M., Whitesides, G.M. (2017). Fabrication of Paper-Templated Structures of Noble Metals. Advanced Materials Technologies,2(2) 1600229.
  • Gatselou, V., Christodouleas, D., Kouloumpis, A., Gournis, D., Giokas, D.L. (2016). Determination of Phenolic Compounds Using Spectral and Color Transitions of Rhodium Nanoparticles. Analytica Chimica Acta,932 80 - 87.
  • Hamedi, M.M., Campbell, V.E., Rothemund, P., Guder, F., Christodouleas, D., Bloch, J., Whitesides, G.M. (2016). Electrically Activated Paper Actuators. Advanced Functional Materials, (15) 2446.
  • Hamedi, M.M., Ainla, A., Güder, F., Christodouleas, D., Fernández-Abedul, M.T., Whitesides, G.M. (2016). Integrating Electronics and Microfluidics on Paper. Advanced Materials,28(25) 5054.
  • Christodouleas, D., Giokas, D.L., Garyfali, V., Papadopoulos, K., Calokerinos, A.C. (2015). An Automatic FIA-Cl Method for the Determination of Antioxidant Activity of Edible Oils Based on Peroxyoxalate Chemiluminescence. Microchemical Journal,118 73 - 79.
  • Christodouleas, D., Nemiroski, A., Kumar, A.A., Whitesides, G.M. (2015). Broadly Available Imaging Devices Enable High-Quality Low-Cost Photometry. Analytical Chemistry, (18) 9170.
  • Christodouleas, D., Fotakis, C., Nikokavoura, A., Papadopoulos, K., Calokerinos, A.C. (2015). Modified DPPH and ABTS Assays to Assess the Antioxidant Profile of Untreated Oils. Food Analytical Methods, (5) 1294.
  • Badu-Tawiah, A.K., Lathwal, S., Kaastrup, K., Al-Sayah, M., Christodouleas, D., Smith, B.S., Whitesides, G.M., Sikes, H.D. (2015). Polymerization-Based Signal Amplification for Paper-Based Immunoassays. Lab on a Chip - Miniaturisation for Chemistry & Biology,15(3) 655.
  • Bwambok, D.K., Christodouleas, D., Morin, S.A., Lange, H., Phillips, S.T., Whitesides, G.M. (2014). Adaptive Use of Bubble Wrap for Storing Liquid Samples and Performing Analytical Assays. Analytical Chemistry, (15) 7478.
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  • Pefkianakis, E.K., Christodouleas, D., Giokas, D.L., Papadopoulos, K., Vougioukalakis, G.C. (2013). A Family of RuII Photosensitizers with High Singlet Oxygen Quantum Yield: Synthesis, Characterization, and Evaluation. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, (26) 4628.
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Selected Presentations

  • Paper-based Devices and Low-cost Detectors. Fabrication and Applications, January 2017 - Boston, MA
  • Paper-based Devices and Paper-like Materials - Fabrication and Applications - Tripathy Memorial Symposium, December 2016 - Lowell, MA
  • Paper-based Devices and Paper-like Materials, March 2016 - San Diego CA, USA
  • Multiplexed Detection of Diseases on Paper-based Analytical Devices - 251st American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition, March 2016 - San Diego CA, USA
  • Application of chemiluminescence in the evaluation of antioxidant activity of edible oils - 5th International Conference "Instrumental Methods of Analysis-IMA 07, 2007 - Patra, Greece
  • Development and validation of a chemiluminogenic method for the evaluation of edible oils antioxidant activity - 2ο National Conference 'Lipids and oils: Present and Future', June 2007 - Athens, Greece

Selected Intellectual Property

  • Patent - Christodouleas, D., Nemiroski, A., Kumar, A., Whitesides, G.M."Image Based Photometry," PCT/US16/44245 Patent Cooperation Treaty
  • Patent - Christodouleas, D., CamciUnal, G., Connelly, J., Fernández Abedul, T., , Tsaloglou, M., Whitesides, G.M."Method and Device for Electrochemical Detection," PCT/US16/32706 Patent Cooperation Treaty
  • Patent - Christodouleas, D., Hamedi, M., Ainla, A., Bloch, J.F., Campbell, V., Fernandez-Abedul, M.T., Guder, F., Rothemund, P., Whitesides, G.M."Co-Fabrication of Paper Electronics and Microfluidics," 62/213,297 United States
  • Patent - Christodouleas, D., Badu-Tawiah, A.K., Lathwal, S., Al-Sayah, M.H., Kaastrup, K., Sikes, H., Whitesides, G.M."Paper-based immunoassay with polymerization-based signal amplification," WO2015127446 A1 Patent Cooperation Treaty
  • Patent - Christodouleas, D., Nemiroski, A., Hennek, J., Maxwell, E., Kumar, A., Whitesides, G."Medical Sensor Providing Audio Communication Tones," WO2014197604 A3 Patent Cooperation Treaty

Research Currently in Progress

  • Low-Cost Diagnostics, Electrochemistry, Bioanalytical Chemistry, Materials
    Christodouleas, D.