Kwok-Fan Chow

Associate Professor, Graduate Coordinator

College of Sciences


Analytical Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Nanomaterials

Research Interests

He has broad research interests in electrochemistry and analytical chemistry.


  • Ph D: Chemistry, (2010), The University of Texas at Austin - Austin, TX
    Supporting Area: Electrochemistry and Bioanalytical Chemistry
  • MS: Chemistry, (2005), St. John's University, NY - NY
    Supporting Area: Optical Sensors
  • BS: Chemistry, (2003), St. John's University, NY - NY

Selected Publications

  • Wijesinghe, S., Batchelder, K., Wickramasinghe, D., Oh, J., Chow, K.F. (2020). Battery-powered Distance-based Electrochemical Sensor Using a Longitudinally-oriented Silver Band Electrode. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 308 127684.
  • Wijesinghe, S., Ngwa, W., Chow, K.F. (2020). Direct Electrochemical Aptamer-based Detection of Digoxin. Chem. Select, 5 2408-2411.
  • Park, J., Yang, X., Wickramasinghe, D., Sundhoro, M., Orbey, N., Chow, K.F., Yan, M. (2020). Functionalization of Pristine Graphene for the Synthesis of Covalent Graphene-Polyaniline Nanocomposite. RSC Adv., 10 26486-26493.
  • Wickramasinghe, D., Oh, J., McGraw, S., Senecal, K., Chow, K.F. (2019). Electrochemical Effects of Depositing Iridium Oxide Nanoparticles onto Conductive Woven and Nonwoven Flexible Substrates. ACS Applied Energy Materials, 2(1) 372-381.
  • Wijesinghe, M.S., Wen, J., Oh, J., Chow, K.F., Sun, Y. (2018). Demonstration of Biofilm Removal from Type 304 Stainless Steel Using Pulsed-Waveform Electropolishing. Biofouling, 34(7) 731-739.
  • Oh, J., Chow, K.F. (2016). Naked-Eye Coulometric Sensor Using a Longitudinally Oriented Ag Band Electrode in a Microfluidic Channel. Analytical Chemistry, 88(9) 4849 - 4856.
  • Oh, J., Chow, K. (2015). Recent Developments in Electrochemical Paper-Based Analytical Devices. Analytical Methods, 7(19) 7951.
  • Chow, K., Carducci, T.M., Murray, R.W. (2014). Electronic Conductivity of Films of Electroflocculated 2 nm Iridium Oxide Nanoparticles. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 136(9) 3385-3387.