Turning Ideas into Solutions: Research that Matters

With research that’s exploratory and practical, UMass Lowell faculty and students translate discoveries into powerful solutions. As we continue to build new cutting-edge research facilities such as the Fabric Discovery Center, our capacity to conduct groundbreaking research grows and attracts leaders from around the world. Working across disciplines, faculty partner with industries, startups and communities, to innovate and build solutions that make a difference to people’s lives.

Introducing the Office of Research Development

Groups of Faculty sitting around tables in a large space discussing things with a number of large windows behind them.

The new Office of Research Development (ORD) was recently established to support UMass Lowell faculty and researchers with proposal and professional development opportunities and resources.

Contact the team by emailing: RD@uml.edu or completing the request for grant support.

Research Strengths

Assoc. Prof. Carl Lawton and a researcher use the bioreactor at the Massachusetts Biomanufacturing Center at UMass Lowell Image by Joson Images

Biotech, Life Sciences

Discovering ways to use the biological processes, organisms or systems to manufacture products to improve the quality of life. Learn more about Biotech, Life Sciences.

Up close picture of a Solar Lens


Our researchers are working with industry partners to achieve clean and sustainable energy. Learn more about Energy Research.

Wheeled robot picking up a plant.


Our robotics research explores how technology can be used to improve life on Earth and beyond. Learn more about Robotics.

water repellent on fabric

Flexible Electronics & Smart Textiles

Developing innovative flexible electronics and smart textiles that solve problems across industries. Learn more about Flexible Electronics & Smart Textiles.

Stock image: Female Government Employee Works in a Monitoring Room. In The Background Supervisor Holds Briefing. Possibly Government Agency Conducts Investigation.


UMass Lowell’s education, workforce development, and R&D in cybersecurity leverages faculty expertise across disciplines. Learn more about Cybersecurity.

Health Assessment Lab

Public Health

Promoting health and wellbeing is at the core of UMass Lowell research in public health. Learn more about public health research.

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Recent Awards

Keep up to date with our extensive research efforts.

Latest research awards