Department Committees

Many of the larger functions of Residence Life are supported by the work of committees. These committees are overseen by members of the Residence Life Leadership Team (Director, Associate Director, Assistant Director), and give Residence Life Staff the opportunity to gain administrative experience for specific processes. Every professional and graduate staff member in Residence Life serves on one or two committees each year. Serving on these committees provides great professional development opportunities for all staff.

Student Staff Training

The Student Staff Training Committee is responsible for all creative and administrative aspects of student staff training as well as the planning and implementation of training. This committee is responsible for providing guidance and formality to all training processes and events. They are responsible for all aspects of training including evaluation. The training committee is specifically responsible for fall training, winter training, spring training, spring broad and all staff meeting in-service training.

Student Staff Selection

The Student Staff Selection Committee is responsible for planning, coordinating and implementing student staff selection. They will organize all applications, interviews and group process activities through to completion. 


The Inclusion Committee is charged with the responsibility of continuing to grow the Office of Residence Life in all areas of inclusion. This includes, but is not limited to, providing opportunities for personal growth for the members of Residence Life, reviewing all policies and procedures through an inclusive lens and bettering the residential community in areas of inclusion. In addition, this committee is responsible for creating an inclusion training program for all layers of staff, advertising/updating the Inclusion Statement and coordinating a campus climate “survey.”

Professional Development

The  Professional Development Committee will provide opportunities for the senior staff to engage in discussions and readings on topics that can advance our professional learning. This committee will also connect senior staff with professional development opportunities locally, regionally and nationally.

Residential Curriculum

The Residential Curriculum Committee is responsible for the oversight of the residential curriculum. This includes revising the residential curriculum, setting expectations and due dates for each semester, and planning and implementing training for the hall staff.

Staff Enrichment

The “fuzzy” welcome committee will be responsible for welcoming new staff members to Residence Life as well as creating opportunities for appreciation and team building throughout the year for the entire Residence Life staff.

Events & Operations

This committee is responsible for department publications, planning, coordination and implementation of the following events: open houses, family day, spring carnival and Beat the System. This committee is also responsible for organizing, planning and implementing an effective plan for opening and closing procedures for our residence halls. Specific duties include: oversight on the development of each residence hall plan for all transitional periods; maintain a budget for all transitional periods; assign roles for each staff member during transitional periods; communicate to organizations, businesses, volunteers, campus administrators, etc., to finalize plans for transitional periods; strategically design all out-of-the-hall plans for opening and closing; lead staff to directly execute their plan during all transition periods; provide direction and insight on the implementation and planning for our transitional periods throughout the year.

Room Selection

This committee is responsible for developing a strategic plan and steps to creating an organized and structured room selection process. This committee will provide direction for staff members assisting in this process.