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Spring classes begin Jan. 25 as fully remote, 25% transition to in-person Feb. 1. For more information, visit COVID website.

Living-Learning Communities

Living-Learning Communities at UMass Lowell: Explore the Possibilities!

"Live & Learn with Purpose"

The Living-Learning Community (LLC) Program at UMass Lowell helps students live and learn with purpose by intentionally bridging the gap between the academic and co-curricular college experiences.

Explore the opportunities that are available to you!

UMass Lowell Living-Learning Community (LLC) Program

Living-Learning Community Graphic

Living-Learning Community (LLC) students will be provided an intentional and meaningful living and learning experience that will help them to make purposeful links between the academic and co-curricular components of their college experience.

LLC students live together within an LLC House or Themed community, within various residence halls across campus. LLC Houses promote engaged communities of like-minded students that often share the same major, passion or career interest. Each LLC is supported by a team comprised of a Faculty/Staff Advisor, Resident Advisor and Resident Director/Area Coordinator to help advise the community and create intentional opportunities to help bridge the in-and-out of classroom experiences.

Faculty/Staff Advisors create programs for LLC students that help to make connections, build skills and expose them to opportunities happening across campus that will promote their growth and development as people, community members and scholars.

The team works diligently to create a dynamic, intense and engaged living-learning environment with a strong focus on student development and academic success.

Make the Most of Your College Experience

We encourage you to explore our different LLCs and to get in touch with us if you have questions. Check out our LLC Houses and Themed Community pages for more information about each experience, as well as how to sign-up.

Arts & Education House - Sheehy Hall

  • Media Makers LLC logo. If you have a passion for television, films or social media, then this LLC is for you! Designed as a community for ALL students who have a passion for digital media and for those pursuing a digital media minor, this LLC will provide students with an opportunity to explore the theory and practice of media as it is being produced on the ground today. Today’s rapidly changing media landscape of digitization, high-speed connectivity and endless advancement in technology is redefining the relationship between media and its audience, and this LLC will assist in further preparing students to join the ranks of today’s converged media in an effort to uniquely distinguish them in today’s market.

    Media Makers: Creating Multi-skilled Media Professionals

  • Creative Arts LLC logo

    Creative Arts: Using Art in All It's Forms to Express Ourselves

  • Living Allegro LLC logo. The Living Allegro LLC is designed to prepare today’s students to become tomorrow’s musicians. Providing viable career training within the changing musical landscape of the 21st century, this LLC is for first-year students who share a passion for music. Our goal is to create an environment that is highly collaborative, expressive and inclusive. With a focus on preparing students to find meaningful careers within the various aspects of music (performance, music business, sound recording technology, music studies, etc.), this LLC is supported by a faculty advisor from the Music Department who works to provide programming opportunities that highlight cultural immersion and academic success.

    Living Allegro: Preparing Tomorrow's Musicians

  • iTeach LLC Graphic. The iTeach Living-Learning Community is designed for every student who may be interested in a career in teaching. Open to ALL undergraduate students and ALL majors, this community is focused on introducing students to teaching as a career path.

    iTeach: Preparing the Next Generation of Educators

Commonwealth Honors House - University Suites

  • Commonwealth Honors LLC

    Commonwealth Honors: Redefining Academic Excellence

Health & Social Sciences House - Riverview Suites

  • HEALL LLC logo

    Health Education Academic Living & Learning

  • Hall of Justice LLC logo

    Hall of Justice: Empowering Students to Confront Issues Impacting Our Justice System

  • Politikos LLC logo

    Politikos Politics & Public Service

  • MasterMinds LLC logo

    MasterMinds: Developing the Minds of Our Future

Science Discovery House - Bourgeois Hall

  • Aspiring Medical Professionals LLC logo

    Aspiring Medical Professionals

  • ICS LLC logo

    <.ICS>: Innovation in Computer Science

  • LEAF LLC logo

    Leaders in Environmental Advocacy of the Future (L.E.A.F.)

  • Explore Biology LLC graphic. The Exploring Biology Living-Learning Community is designed for students interested in exploring the breadth of biological studies. Students with interests from molecular biology to biology of organs and organisms, to ecological systems will gain exposure to the diversity of issues in the field and explore career options open to a diversity of biologists.

    Exploring Biology: Exploring the Mystery of Life

Innovation House - Donahue Hall

  • Business Innovation LLC logo

    Business Innovation: Preparing the Next Generation of Global Business Leaders


  • WISE LLC logo
    Women in Science & Engineering
  • Developing Leaders in Engineering (DLE) LLC logo. The Developing Leaders in Engineering Living-Learning Community is engineered to provide students with a hands-on, real-world educational living and learning experience that focuses on taking an inside look into exploring career paths of aspiring engineers. Through participation in this LLC, students are afforded access to UMass Lowell Alumni and local businesses, as well as on-campus resources to help identify potential career pathways.
    Developing Leaders in Engineering

Themed LLCs

  • Greek Life 800

    Greek Life: Scholarship, Leadership, Service & Friendship

  • ROTC LLC logo

    Reserve Officer Training Corps

  • River Hawk Scholars Academy LLC Graphic. The River Hawk Scholars LLC focuses on providing first-year, first-generation students with intentional community-building while allowing them to explore what it means to the first in their family who would complete a four-year degree. Students in this LLC will discover how to connect with campus resources, to navigate college culture, and to develop strategies for academic success. This LLC’s spirit of honoring the stories of first-generation college students is achieved by balancing academic success with holistic well-being.

    River Hawk Scholars: Exploring all UMass Lowell has to offer!

  • Pathways LLC logo

    Pathways: Supporting Transfer & Middlesex Community College Reserved Placement Program Students

  • Rec-It Graphic

    REC-IT: Fitness and Wellness: Supporting the development of healthier and happier lifestyles

  • REC-IT: Intramural & Club Sports LLC graphic. The REC-IT: Intramural & Club Sports Living-Learning Community incorporates the elements of Campus Recreation, Intramural and Club Sports involvement along with promoting the physical health of its’ members. This living and learning experience is inclusive, fun and motivational, and is designed for First-year students. This LLC is designed to provide students with proactive ways to get engaged, build community and leadership skills, manage stress, and maintain physical activity through social and educational community-based programming.

    REC-IT: Intramural & Club Sports: Supporting the development of healthier and happier lifestyles

  • Advocates of Tomorrow LLC logo

    Advocates of Tomorrow: Advocating for an Inclusive & Culturally Engaged Community

  • World Passport LLC logo

    World Passport: Discover Yourself, Discover the World