Living & Learning with Purpose!

For UMass Lowell students, residence halls are not merely a place to sleep at night and store some belongings. They are places of learning, growing, and developing. The Office of Residence Life provides engagement opportunities and services to our residents to help make this happen through or residential engagement model and our residential education staff who work in each residence hall.

Our Educational Priority

Living on campus at UMass Lowell is a transformative experience where students can pursue their academic and personal goals, gain critical life skills, actively engage with the campus community, and learn how their identities intersect with all aspects of their campus and global communities.

Our Four Learning Goals

  1. Academic Success
  2. Life Skills
  3. Intercultural Competence
  4. Student Engagement

Our Residential Engagement model is designed using current best practices around co-curricular student learning in higher education. By harnessing the power of a co-curricular approach and combining with the opportunity for experiential learning, our residential education staff provide learning and social opportunities through a variety of engagements.

Area Coordinators and Resident Directors, our full-time residential education staff members, follow the same educational priority and learning goals when developing their building's residential education plans. This allows for all campus residents to experience the same learning goal(s) at the same time allowing for residents to have a shared learning experience regardless of which resident hall they live in. To allow for flexibility, each of our full-time residential education staff who oversee the residence halls create a building specific engagement plan for their building's student population each semester.