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If you lived here, you'd be home…


Research has shown that the student who lives on-campus earn a higher grade point average than their counterparts over the course of their academic career. Further, the graduation rate among those who live on campus compared to those who do not is generally higher.

In addition to a higher degree of academic success, students who live on campus tend to have a greater connection to the University, are more involved with the community, and take advantage of the services and extra-curricular activities more often than their commuting counterparts. And then there are the friendships and bonds you will make living in on-campus housing. Isn't your time and energy worth the experience?

Still unsure? Here is a list of reasons why living in on-campus housing helps complete anyone's college experience:

Convenience and Value
The time spent commuting to and from the campus is time that could be spent in class, studying for exams, preparing papers, making friends and memories. Living on campus provides you with a fully furnished room, a telephone, a meal plan and access to all the University and City of Lowell have to offer.


Focus on Academics
Residence halls offer a more traditional academic environment. The focus is on providing the best possible environment, where students' ability to participate in extracurricular and social activities is enhanced.

Access to Library, Labs and Other Academic Services
Students who live on campus have the opportunity to spend more time in the academic labs, computer labs, libraries and the Centers for Learning and Academic Support Services (CLASS).

Student Services, Clubs and Organizations
In addition to the academic support services, students living on campus and at home are more likely to utilize other campus resources such as the Campus Recreation Center, gyms, weight rooms, recreational sports and others. In addition, the University offers over 250 clubs and organizations. And although they are to open to all students, on-campus students are more likely to take advantage of what is offered.


Independent Living
The opportunity to live on-campus provides students with the challenge of living on their own; to participate in activities and balance their time in a way conducive to academic success.

Friends and Memories
The friends you make in college will be the friends you have for life. You've heard this many times before, and most college graduates would say it's true. Living on-campus provides the opportunity to meet people, live with them and share an academic and social life.

Academic and Leadership Opportunities
There are many opportunities to participate in hall government, the Residence Hall Association (RHA) and related sponsored activities. In addition to the social activities, there are many career development and academic success programs sponsored in the halls, as well as recreational and cultural awareness programs.

Transportation Services
Will bring you from campus to campus seven days a week. Any activity the University has to offer is only a quick shuttle trip away.

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