The residence hall community at the University of Massachusetts Lowell is made up of talented, active, and engaged students who have come to the University to pursue their degrees, to benefit from living with fellow scholars, and to enjoy their overall experiences. The behavior of each individual does not occur in a vacuum and has an impact on others, for better or for worse.    

A large number of students live in close proximity to each other, and all share the need for their home on campus to afford them the ability to rest and to study. These shared needs place limits on individual behavior. You will need to consider how your behavior remains within those limits that are necessary for the success of an academic community.  

The Office of Residence Life suggests that you give thought to the impact of your behavior on yourself and others. We ask that you review our Residence Life Community Living Guidelines and the Code of Student Conduct so that you understand what is excepted from you in terms of your behavior. This can help you avoid violating the Residence Life Community Living Guidelines and ensure you’re being respectful of those around you.   

If you have questions regarding our polices, please contact us by email at: or phone: 978-934-5160.