Graduate Student Positions

The Higher Education Administration Master’s Program at UMass Lowell is an exciting way for students to prepare for a professional career in higher education. Residence Life offers several Graduate Fellow opportunities that provide practical application of knowledge and topics discussed in the classroom. Availability of positions depends on the year, and applications can be found on our SA Fellowship website.

ACUHO-I Interns

ACUHO-I Internships

Residence Life offers several unique ACUHO-I internships that allow graduate students the ability to expand their professional skill set and work on major processes and initiatives in the department! Interns will also have the opportunity to meet professionals in other areas at the university and participate in professional development opportunities. UMass Lowell is an exciting place to spend your summer, and we offer our interns a truly exceptional experience.

Graduate Fellow Opportunities


We regularly attend Oshkosh Placement Exchange (OPE) and The Placement Exchange (TPE) when recruiting for graduate students. Please let us know if you will be attending one of these conferences and would like to connect with us.