As an Undeclared Liberal Arts (ULA) student at UMass Lowell, you will lay strong foundations for a well-rounded education while exploring your options for a major.

Not sure? That's OK
If you're not ready to choose your major, you’re not alone. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, over 80% of college students change their major at least once during their college career. 

College is a time for exploration, and UMass Lowell College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences can help you find the liberal arts major that's best for you.

Guided Exploration

Professor and student review artwork in a UMass Lowell art studio
Your first semesters as a ULA student will include a structured curriculum, while you work with a team of dedicated advisors who help you plan your college career and explore opportunities like study abroad and internships.
  • First-Year Seminar for ULA
    Learn about different majors by meeting faculty, students and alumni from across the college. The course also equips you to succeed as a university student, covering topics such as time management, study skills and an introduction to on-campus resources.

  • Breadth of Knowledge Core Curriculum Courses
    In your first semester as a ULA student, you will take courses across departments that fulfill core curriculum requirements. This way, you get to experience a range of departments while satisfying degree requirements, keeping you on track to timely graduation.

  • Advising
    Each ULA student has two dedicated advisors: 
    • Karen Humphrey-Johnson, College of FAHSS Director of Student Success 
    • Professional Advisor – Accredited, trained professionals who support you with issues ranging from academic advising to study skills, housing, financial aid, and student life

  • Exploring Majors & Careers Assessment
    The Career & Co-op Center offers a range of resources to help students, such as career and skills assessments and “What Can I Do With This Major?”

  • Peer Well-Being Leader
    ULA students are encouraged to meet with the FAHSS Peer Well-Being Leaders, who can provide peer coaching on many aspects of college life and beyond. 


  • Choose a Major
    Once you have chosen a major, you will meet with a faculty member from that department or program and be assigned a faculty advisor. You will discuss your Degree Pathway (your path to graduation), as well as opportunities for experiential learning (study abroad, internships, research with faculty, etc.). 

  • Interested in more than one major?
    You can declare a Bachelor of Liberal Arts (BLA) major, an exciting interdisciplinary program that offers you the opportunity to design a personalized program of study in two disciplines from over 27 options.

Consider Your Interests & Goals

Think about what you want to do with your life—What matters to you? What do you care about? Then ask yourself what skills you will need. For instance, if you are interested in video games, you can choose among several majors to pursue a career in the fast-growing video game industry.

Grow & Engage

A group of UMass Lowell design students in front of Tower Bridge in London.

As you progress in your major, you will work with faculty and staff advisors to explore options for experiential learning, minors, and opportunities beyond graduation.

  • Experiential Learning
    Our diverse experiential learning programs include internships, service learning, faculty-led research, study abroad and more. These unique experiences help you develop and sharpen your intellectual, entrepreneurial, social, self-confidence, emotional and decision-making skills.

  • Interdisciplinary Minors
    Interdisciplinary programs cross the traditional boundaries between academic disciplines and schools of thought as new needs and questions emerge. Since most significant issues have multiple causes, interdisciplinary programs integrate a wide range of perspectives to provide a more comprehensive understanding.
    1. Does it make sense to start college as an undeclared liberal arts major?
      Absolutely. It is hard to know what you want to do in your career while still in high school. Starting undeclared is a great option for students who are unsure of what they want to study. The undeclared program allows you the flexibility to take classes in different disciplines while also satisfying requirements for the Core Curriculum. This allows you the opportunity to “try out” certain subjects to see if you like them before committing to a major.

    2. How do I change my major once I decide what I want to study?
      Once you choose a major you should meet with the transfer coordinator or department chair for your program to go over the curriculum requirements and to create a plan for graduation. You will then be assigned an advisor who will help you select the appropriate classes so that you are making progress towards graduation.

    3. What resources are available to help me choose a major?
      We know choosing a major is a big decision and we have several resources to assist you with the process. These include your academic and faculty advisor, Career Services, Career Exploration Seminar, Change of Major fair, and your first-year seminar. Students can also complete a career assessment tool offered through the Career and Co-op site. Finally, students can explore various professions by visiting the “What Can I Do with This Major” website that helps students link majors to careers.

    4. What will I take for classes while undeclared?
      You will work with your advisor to take classes that expose you to majors of interest while also meeting requirements for the Core Curriculum.  All students at UMass Lowell need to complete the Core Curriculum, regardless of major, so you will be on track with your peers.

    5. Will I lose credits when I choose a major?
      No. However, depending on your major, some of your credits may fulfill elective requirements.

    6. Will I still graduate on time if I start undeclared?
      Most likely. While there are a few majors that may require you take an extra semester or two, in most cases you will be able to graduate on time. It is important to meet with your academic advisor to plan accordingly.

    7. Do I have to stay in the College of FAHSS if I start undeclared?
      No. Many students who start undeclared will eventually choose a major in one of the other colleges at UMass Lowell. Keep in mind you must meet the requirements to be accepted into your major of interest.
    8. What if I am interested in more than one major?
      UMass Lowell offers many options including interdisciplinary majors and minors. Again, your advisor will assist you in choosing the right major and minor that will help you reach your educational and career goals.
    9. Can I select a minor if I am undeclared?
      No. You must have a major on record before you can choose a minor. However, if you know you want to minor in a specific program, you will most likely be able to take classes that will satisfy requirements for the minor once it is declared.

    10. Can I participate in study abroad and other experiential learning opportunities if I am undeclared?
      Definitely! UMass Lowell offers a variety of experiential learning programs including study abroad, research, academic organizations, and service-learning opportunities that will help you gain valuable experience outside of the classroom.

Student Profiles

Jake Abramowitz filming actors on a movie set
Jake Abramowitz 2023
Bachelor of Liberal Arts

Jake Abramowitz won a statewide pitch contest for his short film.

I was super-excited.
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Anthony Milisci stands with two other students behind a table promoting Student Organ Donation Advocates, a student-run initiative to spark dialogue about organ donation
Anthony Milisci '24
Public Health, Political Science

As a dual major in public health and political science, Anthony Milisci leads a student club that promotes organ donation, and he also serves on the Student Government Association.

At UMass Lowell, you have so many opportunities to gain experiences and make an impact with people with different perspectives.
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UMass Lowell student Wonder Ahiatsi poses with economics Professor Tommaso Tempesti.
Wonder Ahiatsi '23
Quantitative Economics

Wonder Ahiatsi chose UMass Lowell for its B.S. in quantitative economics.

Issues of economic policy affect the well-being of countries.
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Jamie Aciukewicz stands with UMass Lowell Chancellor Julie Chen in front of banner for the 2023 Student Research and Community Engagement Symposium.
Jamie Aciukewicz '23

Jamie Aciukewicz has used his affinity for the Spanish language to create experiences for himself both locally and abroad.

Learning Spanish has definitely helped me see my place in the world better. Spanish will always have a part of my life from here on out.
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Nick Jarek adjusts a video camera in a digital media studio at UMass Lowell
Nick Jarek '23
Digital Media

A summer co-op job with the DifferenceMaker program gave Nick Jarek a wider lens on his future career.

I love it here. The people I’ve met are so interested in helping me succeed.
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