Learn how to approach complex topics such as the environment, poverty, governance, peace and conflict and education. 

The Bachelor of Liberal Arts (BLA) program at UMass Lowell is an exciting interdisciplinary program that offers students the opportunity to design a personalized program of study in two disciplines from over 27 concentrations.

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Meet Our Students and Alumni

Jake Abramowitz filming actors on a movie set
Jake Abramowitz 2023
Bachelor of Liberal Arts

Jake Abramowitz won a statewide pitch contest for his short film.

I was super-excited.
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Melodie Armand sitting on a bench
Melodie Armand '22
Bachelor of Liberal Arts

Melodie Armand turned a setback into greater success.

I’m on a different path, but I’m on the right path.
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James Joutras poses with a group of students in Japan
James Wilson Joutras '19
Liberal Arts – Digital Media and Theatre Arts

James Joutras came to UMass Lowell to discover himself. His experiences instilled confidence – and took him to Japan, where he plans to work after graduation.

I discovered I was good at editing – taking a bunch of different elements that don’t necessarily make sense and putting them together in a way that creates a coherent story.
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Sammy Santana poses in front a board describing his project to create an educational nonprofit called “Shared Vision/Vision House” at the UMass Lowell Difference Maker Idea Challenge.
Sammy Santana '24
Liberal Arts

With an unbridled passion for learning, Sammy Santana is pursuing his numerous interests through the BLA program.

The best thing I've experienced at UMass Lowell is finding myself through ... every class I've taken.
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Lana Bashir sits at a colorful desk with a notebook, various equipment and flags.
Lana Bashir '23
Liberal Arts

Lana Bashir fell in love with UMass Lowell when she toured the campus.

I liked the homey feel, and I talked to a couple of different students and they really liked it here.
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