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Graduate Fee Descriptions


Below are descriptions of the various fees charged depending on the individual status of a student or courses enrolled in.  Refer to the Additional Fees Graduate chart for costs related to each description.


Tuition rates are set and approved annually by the UMass Board of Trustees.

Tuition credits, formerly known as tuition waivers, are an award that will lessen the amount of your tuition. While you may receive or be eligible for multiple tuition credits from a variety of sources, you will only be able to use one tuition credit per semester.

Student Activity Fee

The Student Activity Fee supports programs and activities from recognized student organizations that are beneficial to students and enrich current campus student life, including arts, athletics, clubs and recreation and other student-focused programs.

Technology Fee

The Technology Fee supports the technology infrastructure and educational environment necessary to meet the technological demands of the UMass Lowell community.

Health Insurance

Massachusetts state law requires that all students be enrolled in a student health insurance program that meets the comparable benefits established by the state of Massachusetts.

You may waive coverage if you have Health Insurance coverage under a comparable benefit plan.

Once you complete the online waiver process, you can see the charge removed from your Account Summary.


International Student Fee

International students require special services and assistance with visas and other immigration forms before and after they arrive on campus. This per-semester fee helps defray the cost of the necessary staff, equipment and consultants to coordinate international student services.

Late Fee

A $50 charge is assessed to anyone currently enrolled with an outstanding balance and without a legitimate exemption as of the due date on the invoice.

Exceptions include participation in the UMass Lowell monthly payment plan, administered by Flywire, sufficient outstanding financial aid and/or loans or direct billing of an approved third party.

Returned Check Fee

A $30 returned check fee is assessed to cover the cost of checks returned to the University due to insufficient funds or closed accounts. Notification of returned checks will be sent by the payment vendor. A student who has issued two or more returned checks within any academic year or three returned checks over the course of his/her academic career will be required to pay any outstanding balances with money order, bank check, or validated credit card. Any graduating student who passes even one bad check prior to graduation exercises, will be required to pay his/her outstanding balance in the above noted methods.

Advanced Health Assessment Fee

The Advanced Health Assessment Fee is charged to nurse practitioner graduate students enrolled in the Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning course. These students are taught health assessment skills in hospital settings.