What is a Bookstore Advancement?

A Bookstore Advancement is an available line of credit at the UMass Lowell Book Store (this is not an additional award) to be used for textbooks and course related supplies. Your anticipated financial aid package exceeds your financial obligation to the university for this current semester, qualifying you for the Bookstore Advancement Program.

When can I use the Bookstore Advancement?

Please refer to the dates in your email. There will be no extensions.

How can I use the Bookstore Advancement?

To take advantage of your Bookstore Advancement, simply visit the River Hawk Shop located in University Crossing on the first floor. For hours of operation, please visit the website. You must present a picture ID to use your Bookstore Advancement.

How can I use the Bookstore Advancement if I am an online student?

If you are an online student, you can order books from the UMass Lowell Bookstore website using your Bookstore Advancement as method of payment. You can have your books shipped to you following the same dates of service noted above.

What if I choose not to use my Bookstore Advancement?

If you opt not to use your Bookstore Advancement, you do not need to do anything. If you do not use the Bookstore Advancement, your account in SiS will not be charged.

Does using a Bookstore Advancement change my total financial aid award?

Using a Bookstore Advancement does not change the total of your financial aid awards. It is not an additional award. A Bookstore Advancement is simply a way to access your financial aid for bookstore purchases. The exact amount you charge at the bookstore will be added to your semester balance in SiS. Your financial aid will be applied towards all charges and the balance will be deducted from your financial aid refund, should you qualify.

What if changes are made to my financial aid package?

If your financial aid package changes for any reason (i.e.: declining a portion of your financial aid package), you are still responsible for all charges incurred at the bookstore.* If loans are part of your financial aid package and you will be declining the loans, please call The Solution Center at 978-934-2000 to verify that you still qualify for a Bookstore Advancement. Please note: students who withdraw may return books in good condition with a receipt. Contact the bookstore for return policy.

*If your financial aid/loans are reduced for any reason, you must personally accept full responsibility for all charges made to the bookstore. Failure to repay the university in full may result in withholding the university services and/or ability to register for the upcoming semester. Outstanding obligations will be referred to a collection agency and the student assumes liability for all associated costs.