Refunds for Excess Financial Aid or Overpayments

Refunds are issued to students whose account has been overpaid only after the end of the add / drop period for a given semester. Overpayments from the monthly payment plan contract will not be eligible for a refund until the contract for the term is paid in full.

Eligible students are notified via their University student email address when the refund will be available.

See our Refund frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Direct Deposit

Refunds from excess financial aid or from an overpayment can be Direct Deposited into your designated bank. Think about the advantages to signing up.

  • You will have quicker access to your money.
  • No special trip to the Solution Center to pick up your check.
  • No waiting for your check to come in the mail.
  • No waiting in line at the bank or ATM to deposit your check.
  • No worrying about a lost check.

How to Set up Direct Deposit

For detailed instructions, consult the Enrolling in Direct Deposit job aid (pdf).

Once you set up direct deposit in SiS Student Self Service, any monies owed to you, such as refunds for over payment or financial aid excess amounts, will be deposited directly into the one bank account you have designated.

If you received excess financial aid or over paid your account, direct deposit is the quickest way to get your refund.